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February 17th, 2016, 03:46 PM
Hello people! I want to change the color of my hair into bright red (now it's dark brown), anyone tried smth like this? :eek: What hair dies you used? And how long your hair saved this red brightness? My friends just said that such a bright colour will dissapear rather quickly, are they right? :confused:

I was inspired with this article http://tophairstyles.net/best-shades-of-red-hair-color/12/ there are so beautiful pictures :)

February 17th, 2016, 04:06 PM
Yes, red color fades out very quickly, so be prepared for lots of maintenance. Depending on how dark your natural hair is and how bright you wanted it to be, you might have to lighten your hair first. It would probably be best to go to a good hair colorist.

February 17th, 2016, 07:23 PM
Red "washes out" the quickest of permanent colors. I went from my natural-eqsue med/dark brown hair color to Joan Holloway red and maintained it for about 6 months before giving up the ghost due to finances. Not that I couldn't afford it, I was just tired of all the maintenance. First, it took 2-3 different sessions to build me up to the bright ginger-red I wanted. Once there I pretty much never washed my hair. Not that I shampoo much anyway, but I never let my hair touch water except for once a week and then it was almost strictly condition, condition, rinse. I also forgo (forwent?) heat in any form, covered my hair in the sun, and used semi-permanent color rinses weekly to maintain the shade. It's strange to say it was a lot of work, because it wasn't really extra work beyond remembering to wear a hat, or being conscious of not getting your hair wet when you hop in a shower or go swimming. Most of the work was just trying to get to my stylist in a timely manner, which is made more difficult by my 2 little minions.

All that said, I'd definitely do it again in the future :-) I love being a redhead!

February 17th, 2016, 08:20 PM
What's your starting color? Depending on your starting shade there's going to be lots of bleaching to get the vibrant red, AND lots of babying your hair after. Coconut oil before bleaching really helps.

I've DIY-ed red with both permanent box dyes and deposit only dyes. The red started to fade out after a couple of washes.

It is the deposit-only dye that really lasted for me (La Riche) and came out really vibrant. Plus, La Riche also conditions the hair, so you can color right after you bleach! :cool:

February 17th, 2016, 09:45 PM
I've played with some deposit-only red dyes (Adore brand) and found that they last a few months at least. I think my length still shows some from when I used one before Thanksgiving. If your hair is light enough for the color you want, it's a pretty decent way to go, and might last longer than the supposedly permanent box dyes do.

Then there's henna. For most people, it's super permanent. So much so that I really only suggest it for longhairs if they have been dyeing their hair red for years, or if they are/were natural redheads. It's really too permanent for anyone else, and it's warmer/oranger than many people anticipate. But if you want permanent red and are willing to either cut it short or deal with years of growing it out if you ever change your mind, henna is a great option.

February 19th, 2016, 05:27 PM
And how quickly as usual? :(

February 19th, 2016, 05:31 PM
Oh now I understand... A big thank you for the responses! Suppose it'll be a quest for me because the natural color of my hair is dark brown :) But anyway I'll try! :cool:

February 19th, 2016, 07:30 PM
You can choose to lighten your hair a tad before applying henna. You may want to check out the natural hair care section. Its not as bright as you are looking for. A good stylist lighting the roots only with no overlap can be done as well if you go that route and want to maintain it. I'd slather my hair in coconut oil four hours before I let anyone come at it with peroxide or bleach. I'm getting very flexible on what makes me happy with my hair. I love bright red. I love henna. I can live at bra strap length happy as long as it glows with red color and looks like just stepped out of a salon ( I mean a Beverly-hills salon, not the ones where hair goes to dye.........) Find your Happy!

February 20th, 2016, 08:31 PM
Oh I wanted to add that you can consider doing a bleach bath first to see if you can lighten your hair enough, before doing a full-on bleach. I started off with a very dark chestnut hair, almost black. As I type this I'm sitting with my 2nd round of bleach bath, before putting on a la riche poppy red :)