View Full Version : Hair coloring book!

January 6th, 2016, 07:03 PM
Yay! Hair coloring book!


January 6th, 2016, 07:29 PM
That's so cool! The designs are so pretty. I love adult colouring books :D

mermaid lullaby
January 6th, 2016, 09:37 PM
That is cool!
I like adult coloring books too. I want to keep an eye out for this one!

January 7th, 2016, 09:21 AM
I like the idea but this would annoy me so much. I used to hate having to colour in hair! I much prefer mandala-shapes and things like that. :)

Wildcat Diva
January 7th, 2016, 11:44 AM
There is a nice video with author interview if you keep swiping right.

January 7th, 2016, 11:58 AM
This book is sweet. :heart: I can't believe how much I've enjoyed these type books. I have the enchanted forest and secret garden.

January 7th, 2016, 12:17 PM
I didn't use a colouring book in a loooong while, tempted! :o