View Full Version : Emotional stress and hair loss.

November 1st, 2015, 04:53 PM
I stayed on my waist length hair for long and my hair wasn't growing further. After months of proper hair care routine I was able to get it to hip length. However for last 5-6 months, I put myself in bad emotional stress which affected my hair the worst. I was washing my hair regularly, but without oiling or hair masks or even proper combing. I didn't oil my hair for 6 months.

I am out of stress now but when I look at myself, I feel foolish of me for going into stress rather than handling things. Anyways I detangled my hair after wash today and realized I am left with less than 1/3rd of my hair volume. I always put my hair in a bun or roll it up with a pin. Today my bun is very small in size (smaller than what a bra strap length bun would be).

Question - Should I cut my hair to waist/bra strap length and start over or could the hair get better/volume up if I take proper care of it like oil and massaging regularly, applying hair masks and washing twice a week and a good diet? Has anyone been through hair loss because of stress and what did you guys do?