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October 7th, 2015, 02:55 PM
Hello you all!
I have rediscovered some nice decorative side combs which I'd like to use more, but I only have large a noticeable hairtoys like forks, sticks and Ficcares. I want to do a highish bun where my combs get all the attention. I want the style to be quick, simple and sturdy, preferably something similar to a cinnamon bun. How do I create a "hairtoyless" bun?

October 7th, 2015, 02:58 PM
I'd do a cinnabun held with 1 or 2 spin pins--super secure and they'd disappear into the bun as long as they're not too long.

October 7th, 2015, 03:00 PM
I second the spin pin idea. I used to swear by them the last time I had long hair. I'd have to use a few more though.

October 7th, 2015, 03:02 PM
Spin pins would be my recommendation too. Or U-shaped hair pins, they are awesome. For shorter hair, the biggest size of bobby pins are great too.

I have never have tried them, but apparently amish pins are work horses too!

October 7th, 2015, 03:10 PM
^ Yes, spin pins are good. :agree:

Alternatively, I'd consider:
- U-pins (straight, like this (http://image.rakuten.co.jp/bijinkoeido/cabinet/01370144/img57371556.jpg), or wavy, like this (http://i00.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/32301628400_1/100-Black-Wavy-U-Comb-Bobby-Pins-Grips-Hair-Barrette-Clip-60mm.jpg), or wider U-pins, like this (http://cost21.com/images/hairband39.jpg));
- Amish pins, like this (https://img0.etsystatic.com/005/0/5376661/il_fullxfull.376592936_3d56.jpg);
- Knitting needles bent over a door knob to create DIY U-pins, like this (http://www.instructables.com/id/Giant-bun-pins/step2/Needles-to-pins/);
- Metal hair forks, e.g. Quattro Starlites (or other Quattro (https://www.etsy.com/shop/quattro)U-pins) or RootieBirds (https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Rootiebirds?section_id=12673847&ref=shopsection_leftnav_6), etc

October 7th, 2015, 03:24 PM
Amish pins work very well for me, the bigger ones.

school of fish
October 7th, 2015, 03:35 PM
Another spin pin vote from me! I need to use them in 3s to hold my escape-artist hair but they do hold for me where little else will :)

October 7th, 2015, 03:49 PM
I always used to use spin pins last time I had long hair. As long as you get them in correctly, invisible & can be comfortable all day.

October 7th, 2015, 03:52 PM
Is you hair grippy? Because a neat high bun, for slipery heads like mine, must start with a pony base-some product or else I get the worse bumps or my bun moves a lot-falls a bit.

And yeah other vote for u pins, but there are better suggestions like amish pins or spin pins which I've never tried but have better hold quality :o

October 7th, 2015, 04:40 PM
Spin pins, hands down. Holds my high buns/top knots (cinnamon bun style, more or less) all day without budging, even without a ponytail base, and they aren't going to take away from your combs. I was eh about them until I bought some, but now I'm totally a believer.

October 7th, 2015, 04:50 PM
Spin pins! They are great hiding in your hair. Try to catch some of the bun hair and hair that is close to the scalp with the spin pin for a better grip.

October 7th, 2015, 07:10 PM
Spin pins. Make a point of always inserting them in a certain order and remove them in the reverse order. That's how they don't tangle with each other inside the bun. At least that's what worked for me. I hope you'll get a picture of your finished updo with the combs, we'd love to see it. Decorative sidecombs can be *so* lovely and elegant. :)

October 8th, 2015, 04:19 AM
Oh, thank you all! Seems like I have to buy spin pins! As you know I'm not in the US or UK, does it matter if I don't buy the brand Goody? I think we have something similar here or are that specific brand very much better in general than non-brand? My hair is at classic now though I plan on cutting back to tailbone.

October 8th, 2015, 11:08 AM
A sock bun might work too.

October 8th, 2015, 12:01 PM
I have discovered the existence of spin pin only last year, lol. They are great : hold tightly, don't escape, are both invisible and comfy ! But before LHC, I used long amish pins on buns based on a ponytail. It worked well ! What I recommend is to start pinning your cinnamon bun as you are rolling it, starting well before you reach the last "turn". Like that, when you secure the last turn, the center of your bun will already be well anchored by pins in the ponytail base. I sometimes used short pins for the first turns and longer ones as the bun gets bigger and to secure the surrounding last turn.

... if that story of "turns" makes sense to you ! (sorry, not English native speaker^^) :hmm:

October 8th, 2015, 01:53 PM
Mimha, I understand what you mean! English not my native language either :)
I did a sockbun just twisting and wrapping excess hair around the base of the bun and I like it. It is, however, gargantuan, lol. We'll see how well it holds. I'll have to look into spin pins a bit more, too.

October 8th, 2015, 02:03 PM
Isilme, I have no brand name spin pins and they are wonderful. I have never seen brand name ones IRL, but in photos they look identical to what I have. One thing to keep an eye on: some of the very cheep ones I have seen online don't have protective tips on the ends of the wire, and I think this can scratch scalp and break hairs. So look for ones where even the very tips are covered by plastic.

ETA. Examples.

This is bad: click (http://g01.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1HKNcIFXXXXanXXXXq6xXFXXX2/Black-Magic-font-b-Hair-b-font-font-b-Scroo-b-font-Bridal-Styling-Accessories-Curler.jpg)

This is good: click (http://www.foreveramber.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/hair-scroo.jpg)

October 8th, 2015, 02:04 PM
When I first saw these, they were called "Hair Scroo"s & I've just Googled them; it would appear this brand is still available in at least some European countries.

October 8th, 2015, 07:19 PM
If you find that your hair is too slippery and/or thick for spin pins (mine is both), then give Bunheads hair pins a try. When I was at fingertip length, I could hold a high bun all day for normal activity with only two of their 3" pins, and if I added a third, I could run or dance without it loosening at all.