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March 20th, 2008, 11:13 PM
I've been reading the boards for about 6 months, and have learned alot, and have gotten alot of encouragement.

March 21st, 2008, 03:42 AM
Hi jeannieclemens & welcome,

I'm glad that you're finding the site so helpful. It gets even better as a member ;) I sneaked a peak at your profile and it sounds like you're making good progress already. I look forward to chatting with you. :blossom:

March 22nd, 2008, 05:35 PM
Welcome! From one newbie to the other. This site is great. Enjoy your stay. Hope to see you on the forums!

Shermie Girl
March 22nd, 2008, 07:34 PM
From one Arizonan to another, welcome! :flower:

March 22nd, 2008, 07:55 PM
Welcome fellow Arizonian! :)

March 23rd, 2008, 03:35 AM
Hi jeannieclemens, Welcome. I am new also. I just read your profile and we have the same hair history. :) I started growing my hair in Sept. 07. I didn't measure it at the time, it was chin length. I measured it for the first time 3 weeks ago and it's 17". My goal is BSL too. Good luck growing your hair!

March 23rd, 2008, 09:59 AM
Hi, and welcome to the boards. :)

The Flame
March 23rd, 2008, 04:06 PM
Welcome to the LHC from another Zonie!

March 23rd, 2008, 05:42 PM
Welcome Jeannieclemens from another Tucsonan.:)

March 23rd, 2008, 06:42 PM
Hello and welcome from yet another Arizonan! :)

March 23rd, 2008, 07:58 PM
Welcome, from yet another Tucsonan! I hope you enjoy your stay here at LHC; there is indeed so much information available here and loads of encouragement.

March 24th, 2008, 06:01 PM

What does BSL mean?

Have a great day!