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August 10th, 2015, 10:19 PM
Yeah, some random things ive been thinking of.

1. Does trimming sort of "jump start" more growth? does it trigger it? i havent cut since februrary since its been growing out pretty evenly. I pretty much bun it all the time except with i sleep. (i dont use satin pillow cases or bonnets, i cant sleep with them at all) and i dont have any splits or anything, but I have this weird idea that trimming after a while sort of jumpstarts it. is this the case?

2. Does protein powder help hair grow? if so, how much protein daily should you eat for hair growth?

3. i was thinking of oiling my ends. Does this help prevent breakage?

4.can you use a normal conditioner as a leave in if you dillute it and towel dry?
5. I am just past collar bone now. I know I wont feel attractive until im about bsl. ( i felt so insecure when my hair got ruined years ago, and all i wanted to do was grow out my hair to be virgin again, its why its taken so long to get to this length. I wonder how long this will take? experiences anyone?

Ill add more the more i think of hair things.

August 11th, 2015, 02:44 AM
1.) No, trimming doesn't make your hair grow faster, unfortunately. The purpose of trimming is to cut off damaged ends. Healthy hair is less likely to break than damaged hair, which means trimming occasionally may help you gain length (not make it grow faster).

2.) Not sure what protein powder specifically does for hair, but consuming enough protein in general is good for your hair's health.

3.) Yes, oiling can help prevent breakage as it helps improve or retain the health of your hair.

4.) Yes. Some conditioners may be too heavy to use as a leave in, so you may have to experiment a bit with how much to use.

5.) When you'll reach BSL depends on how tall you are, much you trim your hair and how fast your hair grows. On average, hair grows six inches per year.

August 11th, 2015, 03:11 AM
I know I wont feel attractive until im about bsl.
Hair are important, but hold that thought and it will make your life only more difficult. You are a beautiful and attractive creature by birthright, just for being you - don't make yourself smaller than that :)