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May 9th, 2015, 06:29 AM
I had 3b curls as a child, then had totally straight hair with body and for a year now, my hair has been wavy.
I keep hearing about usong mousse and I've never tried it, but sicne my waves are spiralish though very "dragged down", maybe it helps..? Whrn a friend borrowed me her diffuser, my hair totally looked 3b, and I LOVED IT. Though ir seems like on seconf day, after insane sleeping (I move a lot), it looks weird..
I have questions:
A) is it very drying? Any tip to make it better?
B) Do you apply it to wet hair, damp hair or dry hair? Do you apply it to your roots too or just from like ear lenght and on?
C)are there any other tips you have?
D) I own a Mylabel "Natural Curls" mousse for wavy or curly hair
. I'm European, so maybe this product isn't known by many, so I'll share the ingredients: Aqua, Butane, Propane, Acrylates, copolymer, polyquaternium-11, ,46,14, Peg-40, Hydrogenatwd Castor Oil, Aminomethyl, Propanol, Methoxy Peg/ppg-7/3 aminopropyl domethicone, methylpadaben, Panthenol, Parfum, Linalool - is this a damaging choice? Will it change my haor colour (naturally dirty blonde)? It has cadtor oil, but still..
i would post a picyure of my hair, but I can't insert the link into the image thing (otherwise I would to ask if you'd consider it to be at hip yet, lol).
any tips for curls not to be so dragged down? Would mousse help me without damaging my hair?

May 9th, 2015, 08:53 AM
PS: could you recommend other brands?

May 9th, 2015, 09:10 AM
I can't really answer your questions. I have tried mousse a couple times and have never liked it.

I always found it ended up making my hair feel just slightly crunchy, and unlike gel, I couldn't scrunch it out. I always got poor curl definition and my hair LOOKED like it had product in it.

It didn't matter if I used it on wet/dry hair. It always ended up looking and feeling gross.

I prefer the effect I get with layering a curl cream and a light hold gel. If the gel gets a little crunchy, I just scrunch it out when it's dry and my hair feels soft again.

May 9th, 2015, 09:14 AM
May I ask what gel you use?

May 9th, 2015, 09:31 AM
Of course!

I use the Devacurl Light Defining Gel. My friend gave me a small travel-sized bottle from a set she had. She didn't like it for her hair - which is a little finer in texture than mine, and she has a lot of it. Similar to yours, judging from your hair stats, so you may not like it. :/ But everyone's hair is different.

May 9th, 2015, 09:36 AM
I'm never sure about being F, M or C, so I chose M, but maybe I'm a little coarser:) I guess I'll give it a gp if I find it! Thank you!

May 9th, 2015, 09:48 AM
I don't think an alcohol-free mousse would be drying.

Your INCI does not have alcohol in it. However, it does have several coating ingredients, so you will probably need to clarify from time to time. I don't see anything damaging there, but I'm not an expert. I don't think it will change your colour. Your product has PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, which is different than natural castor oil.

From what it's worth, I use an alcohol-free mousse after almost every wash (almost daily) and my hair is not dry. I use it on wet hair after putting on leave-in (which I apply on sopping wet hair) and 5-10 minutes of drying up in a t-shirt towel. I put it everywhere, also on roots because it will give a bit of volume, put I try to avoid rubbing it into my scalp as my skin is sensitive. The one I use is for sensitive skin, and indeed it has never irritated my scalp.

May 9th, 2015, 09:50 AM
Hm, Ive never seen any for sensitive skin, but I know I have sensitive skin ! What brand do you use?

May 9th, 2015, 09:51 AM
If you're trying to emphasize your curls then I would definitely try using mousse or curl cream or gel. Play around with different products and see what works worth your hair type. Hair products like these aren't usually damaging. . Just put some in when your hair is wet/damp and scrunch it a little. Let air dry or diffuse on cold or slightly warm. Usually it will look weird after sleeping on it. Re-wetting and scrunching could fix this. Really though just experiment with mouse or other hair products and see what works best for you to bring out your curls.

May 9th, 2015, 09:57 AM
Hm, Ive never seen any for sensitive skin, but I know I have sensitive skin ! What brand do you use?

I use Finnish brand called Erisan, all their products are for sensitive skin. I really like that it's fragrance-free! To be honest I don't think their mousse is anything special, I bet there are much better ones out there. But not too many specifically for sensitive skin, and fragrance free. It gives my hair a bit of grip and volume, so it's nice whether I wear my hair up or down. :)