View Full Version : Would these sort of face framing layers be difficult to cut myself?

March 28th, 2015, 09:17 AM
If you think it's easily doable, would appreciate tips and/or Youtube videos. I'm brave enough to do it myself if I have a little bit of instruction to go on.

My hair is about as long as the Kim K pic below, no layers right now, and I'm just hoping to get a bit of fluff around my face without taking off length or too much thickness.





March 28th, 2015, 09:24 AM
I think you could do the compact cut involving only the hair ahead the ears.
BAsically you have to draw a line from the top of your hair towards the upper part of each ear and cut only the sectioned strands.
I found this video very interesting:


March 28th, 2015, 09:34 AM
jackie brown already said what i would have suggested too. I could post another video but in the end the technique is the same.

March 28th, 2015, 12:53 PM
Dhukai's haircut videos shows how to cut face framing layers. Basicly you comb the hair forward and angle it a bit whilst cutting the hair in a straight line going down. The results are pretty much like the above video except you can make the shorter layers start higher up

March 28th, 2015, 02:27 PM
Considering I've attempted this myself in the past and it didn't turn out very well, I would say that it is difficult, but I have absolutely zero experience cutting hair and a tendency to screw up when I do. So, I suggest turning to YouTube. Best advice I've ever received is to always take a little at a time because that way, if you don't like it, at least it will grow up faster if you haven't taken very much length off.

March 28th, 2015, 03:03 PM
I've been doing that for 5+ years now. It's mostly how you section it (from ear to ear... begin with a thin section at first, you don't want to regret taking too thick a section)... using a Creaclip really helps. make sure you get it even and straight, elevate it high above your head first then drape it downwards making your hair conform to the contours of your head. Take off tiny bits at a time using a point cutting technique. If you have thinning shears, you can also go in and so cuts into the hem an inch up from the bottom to make it lay and flow better. Be warned though, if this is your first time, depending on you, you can REALLY mess it up. if you're careful and do a small section and small cuts, then you can decide to go shorter or texturize more or take a thicker section. the only thing is, that really works well if you have BSL length hair that is layered all over. If you have thick, really long, one length hair... it CAN look strange bc it's not blended into the length, depending.