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March 14th, 2015, 05:16 AM
Hi all, just wondered where people placed mbl on themselves.

I'm currently approaching bsl, should be there next month, but I class bsl as top of bra strap which is below shoulder blade. Bottom of strap is only 1 inch from that.

However, I have just measured my back from nape to tailbone and the middle of that is bottom of bra strap. Now I know some people only count bsl as bottom of strap which looking at pictures is a lot lower than mine!!! I'm not a large lady ;)

So do I count my personal mbl as bottom of my bra strap, or am I measuring it wrong? Do some class mbl as the length that is in the middle of bsl and waist?

Where do you class mbl? It's so confusing.

March 14th, 2015, 05:18 AM
Just do whatever you want ;)

March 14th, 2015, 05:30 AM
Myep, I took a picture of myself from the back (I have many, I'm a LHC member after all ;)) and calculated where the mid-point was 'tween my shoulders and ~BCL. I came to the conclusion that it's just at the middle-bottom of my bra strap and since I don't like the BSL classification I started calling myself MBL instead. ^_^

March 14th, 2015, 05:46 AM
I just call it MBL when it's anywhere between BSL and waist ;) So if I can't call it either, it's MBL to me.

March 14th, 2015, 08:59 AM
I waited until I was in the middle of the strap, didn't want to jump the gun!

March 14th, 2015, 09:16 AM
It makes sense to measure things like bottom-of-the-shoulderblade and narrowest-part-of-the-waist and top-of-the-hip-bones because those are parts of the body anyone can find on themselves, but mbl/bsl are too subjective most of the time and bsl especially depends on the fit and style of a bra. I count bsl and mbl as the same length: if you drew a straight line from the bottom of the breast or pectoral muscle around to your back, that's where I count it. That's where the bottom of a regular bra band should sit all the way around, and people who don't wear bras don't have a "bsl" so it makes more sense to have one consistent spot that's measurable on any body, you know?

March 14th, 2015, 09:18 AM
I just call it MBL when it's anywhere between BSL and waist ;) So if I can't call it either, it's MBL to me.

I did this...I didn't think that there was any other way!

I am an inch past BSL and have called MBL...because I'm not at BSL any more. Whether it is actually in the middle of my back, I have no idea :confused:

March 14th, 2015, 09:57 AM
I stick to MBL. But where is MBL officially? bottom of shoulder blades?

March 14th, 2015, 10:34 AM
My bra strap is about an inch to two inches thick. (I've never measured). But that whole inch or two is BSL to me. As soon as I start seeing my ends pass the bottom of my bra strap, I called it MBL (Starts at roughly 28")

March 14th, 2015, 12:00 PM
It's interesting to see people's views on this subjective length. I think I'll mark mbl on measuring shirt later on. It will be motivating to see such a small area between bsl and mbl.

I've also changed my goal to waist. I've never been there before. Mind you I've never been mbl neither!!! I reckon when I get bsl I'll think my hair is long. At least I hope so, LHC has done something to my brain!!!

March 14th, 2015, 12:47 PM
MBL is one of those lengths that doesn't have specific rules, so it's good to explain what you mean by it when you use it.

I personally think it's the half-way point between APL and waist, which is on my body happens to be exactly where my low-BSL is.

I like the more gender and bodytype (and culture? and personal prefence? not all women all over the world wear bras) neutral MBL over BSL, and often rather choose to use MBL. Even if they wouldn't be exact same. Sometimes I still use BSL for it's ease of use (no need to explain what I mean) and if a particular person has a very different BSL than her MBL would be (calculated in my way), then it makes more sense to use BSL - I just wish it would be more gender/bodytype/etc neutral.

One thing I've learned at LHC is that body proportions vary a lot. A LOT! My BSL is lower than on many, because my breasts are lower set, and I am also a tall person with long torso.

March 14th, 2015, 01:02 PM
I've just put mbl on my shirt. Arctic, low bsl is the midway point between apl and waist for me too.

March 14th, 2015, 01:09 PM
I place my MBL in the center of my BSL and my WL. My WL is much closer to my HL
than it is to my BSL though.

chen bao jun
March 14th, 2015, 01:22 PM
Interesting. I've always wondered about this, too.

I count BSL as the top of my bra strap (which is actually a little below the bottom of my shoulder blades.) on me, MBL would be the bottom of my bra strap, about 3 inches lower than that.

Before being on LHC and learning the terminology, I always thought of hair lengths as being
short like a boy
ear length
nape of neck
bottom of shoulder blades
can sit on it
and my neighbor next door who had hair somewhere between knee length and the floor.

Before I moved here and met her, 'can sit on it' was my personal standard for really really long hair and I knew one person in that category, my grandmother. I thought of anywhere between bottom of shoulder blades and waist as long (my paternal aunts and cousins all being somewhere in this category), bottom shoulder blade as 'long' and waist as 'very, very long.'

I didn't know there were other people besides my neighbor and some traditional Asian Indian and Mayan Indian ladies who had knee length hair and I thought it was totally a genetic piece of luck they had, not something achievable by others. I didn't know the word 'terminal' but I thought bottom of shoulder blade was my terminal length--and felt lucky that it feel into the category of 'long'. I joined LHC because I saw a cousin after a long time and her hair was bottom shoulder blade and mine was not at my shoulders and her hair looked so nice (it was natural also, not straightened) that I thought, I want to grow my hair to look like that again and went looking around the internet for advice on how best to do as quickly as possible.

Now it DOES look like that again after three years and I am aiming for waist natural, which I have never been before.

March 14th, 2015, 09:25 PM
I used BSB (below shoulder blade) for BSL and bottom of bra strap was MBL.

March 14th, 2015, 09:38 PM
Personally, I count BSL as the very bottom of the bra band. Now, MBL on me is at the exact same spot as BSL, so I've just always counted them as one in the same for me, but it all depends since everyone is a different size. Since I am shorter (just shy of 5'2"), my hair always looks a lot longer on me than it would on someone much taller, so my measurements are equally as different. Plus, it doesn't help that I have such a short torso and back! Right now I reach tailbone after having to trim back from classic and I'm actually glad that we measure in accordance with where our hair sits on the body versus just inches. My hair looks downright short compared to some ladies on here!

But, all in all, measure how you see fit, it's your hair and you know what length will make you happiest!