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March 13th, 2015, 10:49 PM
I don't know if there is a current posting like this, but I thought it would be an interesting topic to start discussing. Depending on where you live and whether or not you are affected by severe seasonal changes, how does your hair respond?

Roughly one week ago, I felt like I had finally gotten my hair through the horribly dry winter - it was full of body, very shiny, healthy, moisturized, and most importantly, manageable. And then within a matter of hours, something changed. This winter was horrible on my hair, I was extending my washes to 5-6 days, over-conditioning, using treatment masks, and slathering on leave-in conditioners, and after all the work and struggle, it finally started to pay off and my hair looked and felt amazing. And then it was suddenly 40 degrees and, pardon the language, my hair went to hell. Now, the ends are too dry, the roots too oily, and it's tangling something fierce. It will probably be a few weeks before I have my hair back to where it was...but then the temperatures will change again because living in Minnesota is a constant battle of the elements and I'll be right back at square one.

Winter: My hair is typically on the drier side, extra fluffy and frizzy. I wash my hair a maximum of 1-2 times per week depending on activities and time, using a mild shampoo bar and an extra moisturizing conditioner. 3-4 times per month, I'll use a deep conditioner or treatment on my hair depending on how it feels and will always finish with a leave-in conditioner. Because it's dry outside and my hair is prone to static, I always wear it up when leaving the house and also cover it with a scarf to try to keep moisture in.

Spring: Humidity is not my friend. My dry hair will turn oily and start to look stringy immediately after a wash, it will still remain frizzy, but will look limp and nothing I do will perk it up. Depending on the temperature and humidity, I have to wash 2-3 times per week or suffer through oily roots. I then have to use a bit of a stronger shampoo, lightweight conditioner, and following with a leave-in conditioner. Deep conditioners and treatments will be reduced to 1-2 times per month only if needed. For styling, I typically turn to buns and braids to keep it up and out of the way because it's too warm to wear it down.

Summer: Humidity one day, dry heat the next. Depending on the year, summers can range from mild to hell fire hot in Minnesota. Weather changes on a daily basis and if there's even a hint of rain, watch out for the oppressing, moist heat. In the past without an air conditioner, I was having to wash my hair every day to every other day, I simply couldn't stand to be around myself by washing it any less. I would have to use a clarifying shampoo, very lightweight conditioner, and if I ever wanted my hair to dry, I'd have to skip the leave-in treatments. Hopefully the air will work this summer - *fingers crossed*. I want to be able to use leave-in conditioner and still have my hair dry on its own, but we'll see!

Fall/Autumn: Hair heaven for me. This is the only season where my hair is at its happiest. I can stretch my washes comfortably to 3-5 days, shampoo and condition my heart out and slather my head in various treatments and leave-in products. No matter what I do, my hair loves it. I can wear my hair down without fear of too many tangles, wear it up without fear of tangles upon taking it down. All in all, my hair loves this time of year. Too bad our Autumn typically only lasts 1 month, maybe 2 if we're lucky!

Do you find that your hair suffers through the seasons? And if so, what are your tips or tricks to battle it out? How does your routine fluctuate and how are you preparing yourself for this upcoming seasonal change?

Nadine <3
March 13th, 2015, 11:05 PM
My hair acts a lot like yours as well, and I'm in Wisconsin so we have about the same climate.

Winter, dry frizzy ends and a flat oily scalp from wearing hats. I can give my hair buckets of oils and conditioning treatments and it just soaks it up and then whines for more.

Spring is just okay, until it gets humid. Once it gets humid it's all over. My hair will be a tangled frizzy mess and my scalp will be spitting oils like a sprinkler. I wash every day/every other day when it's humid. My hair frizzes and nothing looks right, so in a bun it goes. My hair looks nice when the summer is dry.

Fall. I love fall, my hair loves fall. It's an easy hair time, doesn't matter how I wear my hair or how I wash it it just comes out nice!

As far as preparing for seasonal changes I'm not sure what I'm going to do this summer. Last summer I was cone free, but this winter I added them back in to stay so what worked for me last summer might not work this year.

March 13th, 2015, 11:26 PM
My scalp reminds me of a dog.

When it starts to grow cold, I grow an undercoat. My hair gets slightly thicker everywhere.
When it warms up, I have a shed and a growth spurt. The shed is both old and newer hairs.

Otherwise, it's the same humidity/moisture/oil game all other curlies play. We bow at the whims of the frizz goddesses.

March 14th, 2015, 02:34 AM
I'm in Illinois so i seem to have similar problems as the rest of you. I do feel like my hair has gotten less temperamental since I've grown out most of the damage, so that's nice (I just have a couple inches left). I also do less stuff with it nowadays and just throw it up when its not behaving (a year ago, it was too short to do that with and I ended up messing with it do much more!).

I can stretch washes much more in the winter and I dilute all my shampoos much more. I also let my ACV rinses soak in before rinsing for about 10 minutes during the winter but if I did that during the summer, I'd have super lanky hair (although who knows how this summer will go!). For frizzy summer hair, I do like mineral oil and castor oil but, like I said, the need for them has decreased as my hair has grown out virgin.

This is a great topic! I could go on and on!

March 14th, 2015, 07:03 PM
YEAH! it is finally spring. I had to keep my hair oiled all winter! It seemed to help, and I retained length. Now I haven't needed to oil so heavily and my hair is retaining some moisture.

March 14th, 2015, 08:02 PM
My scalp reminds me of a dog.

I love this. I've always just thought of mine as a temperamental she-beast.

March 14th, 2015, 08:21 PM
My seasonal depression hits hard in autumn and I'm lucky if my hair gets brushed. I think it starts getting dry, but I don't really remember.

In winter, my hair and scalp both get very dry. I try to hide it under hats and pretend it isn't there.

Spring and summer, my hair is happiest. Moisturized and soft. I haven't noticed humidity being an issue.

chen bao jun
March 14th, 2015, 09:32 PM
My hair straightens out in the winter--it doesn't get straight but straight-er, in the mid-Atlantic. I definitely need heavier oils/butter to seal so that the ends don't just flake right off without me even (finger) combing them.

It loves humidity which makes it curl like crazy. I have beautiful curls all the time when I visit my mom in Florida with little trouble.

On the other hand, when I went to Niagara Falls and it was beyond humid, my curls got so small and tight that it was like I was dealing with an unfamiliar hair type, not mine. Seriously, my hair is definite mid back length when stretched, below my bra strap, usually appears to be APL because its curly and at Niagara Falls, it shrank up past my shoulders to the point where I could barely make a bun, which is usually not a problem at all (the hair may look a lot less than its actual length, but it behaves like its actual length, usually. It looks like APL but I can make mid back length buns with ease--well, with ease considering I have iii hair). It was also very very dense and I could barely fit into my hair toys (and I wear pretty large hairtoys being a iii.)

My hair just loves the tropics, in short--but not constant rain, when its not even raining, which is how humid Niagara Falls was. However, the tropics and summer in general, create another problem which is that all this hair is HOT. It feels like a big old fur hat in 90 degree weather. I can never understand how they say hyper curly evolved to suit hot climates, because it doesn't suit hot climates at all, nothing could be miserable than type 3c/type 4 hair in extreme heat, you feel like you want to do like the ancient Egyptians and shave yourself bald to get some relief...

March 14th, 2015, 10:00 PM
I haven't been actively paying attention to my hair long enough to know the exact differences between seasons, but what it seems like to me so far is in summer with the humidity my hair is much more curly like 3a and I like it a lot more. In fall/winter (recently) it has been more 2b/2c and pretty flat.

March 15th, 2015, 03:26 AM
I live in the subtropics so we don't really have seasons.

When I did live up north I had oilier hair in the summer, dry as dust and brittle hair in the winter. Spring seemed to be the best time for my hair.

March 15th, 2015, 10:58 PM
My hair loves tropics, too! It really flourishes in high humidity and gets shiny and slippery smooth (doesn't stay in updos, doesn't need conditioning...)
Medium humidity works very well, too.

But in wintertime (they are super-cold and very dry here), it's tough: my hair can drink oils and butters by palmfuls and can still be dry, tangly and brittle... I need to keep it contained in low manipulation styles and just power through the cold season... I can also go much longer between full wash cycles and dilute shampoo a lot or replace it with conditioner in wintertime.

March 16th, 2015, 05:38 AM
The only part of the seasons I don't like (for my hair) is spring and summer. It makes my hair flat, very little wave and just blah.