View Full Version : New bunning technique!

February 22nd, 2015, 03:11 PM

Who wants to give it a try? :D

February 22nd, 2015, 03:13 PM
That's how my cousin did her sister's hair when they were teens. :) Hey, it works. :D :lol:

February 22nd, 2015, 03:23 PM
:lol: :lol: Looks like fun! :thumbsup:

February 22nd, 2015, 05:31 PM
How cute is that?! If my daughter were still little, I would do that in a minute. (Sadly, she's 22 and unlikely to spin in circles for the fun of it anymore. :P )

February 22nd, 2015, 05:36 PM
Who's up for driving up here and climbing up a ladder?

February 22nd, 2015, 05:45 PM
Who's up for driving up here and climbing up a ladder?

Oh my :p That's true, people with really long hair have to have others climb a ladder, tree, or rooftop to do this bunning :P

February 22nd, 2015, 06:02 PM
Or stand far back, if the bun is more centered, instead of on top. ;) You could always have your "victim" tilt their head a little. Although that would be harder to do with the twisting.

Nadine <3
February 22nd, 2015, 06:08 PM
Who's up for driving up here and climbing up a ladder?

Ha, we could just sit you down in a spinny computer chair...:p

February 22nd, 2015, 06:17 PM
Nope that is cheating i demand the danger level be seriously this isn't safe.

February 22nd, 2015, 08:08 PM
Omg! That is adorable!:crush:

February 22nd, 2015, 08:32 PM
That is so cute! I can just see the look on my husbands face if I asked him to do that! :shrug:

February 22nd, 2015, 11:32 PM
VERY cute and funny! If anyone tries this, make sure to get it on camera! :popcorn:

February 23rd, 2015, 09:33 AM
Fun idea, but wow that girls bun is so tight!

February 23rd, 2015, 06:16 PM
DD(18 ) and I tried it! I stood on a kitchen chair, and she twirled! She got dizzy because her hair is about BCL--I know that's not the politically correct term, but don't know the TLHC translation for it.-- She said it came out super tight, and she'd never wear it like that. Will try to get DH to shoot a video. :)

February 24th, 2015, 07:14 AM
That is sooo cute! Love it, Love it, Love it!