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January 14th, 2015, 01:43 PM
I have always been the type to change my hair every 3-6 months, wether it be cutting it, dying it or perming it. Since becoming pregnant the first time in 2010, I stopped with the chemicals. I did plenty of cutting though, which left me with nice virgin hair. I was always a bit of a wash stretcher and a moderate heat user, but as my mom days became busier, washes got stretched a bit more and heat was used less and less. I think I may have used the blow dryer more in the year at LCH than the year previous, but now I use it on the cool setting.
I had decided not to do any major cuts until July 2015. I join LHC at BSL (25”) last Jan. Along the way I also decided to do no trimming whatsoever until I hit my new goal of TBL sometime in spring 2016. (that will make about 2.5 years of no cutting) Still deciding if I will trim slowly to cut down on the amount of layers I have or do a big 6” chop and grow back to the goal length.
Anyway, on to pictures!

Jan - crazy braid waves
Feb -
April - I got my first hair toy. I got a few things, but really loved my LI for wash days and my 3 prong Jeter Bocote the rest of the time. Up until my (3yo at the time) son broke in this summer. He felt terrible about it and now does not touch ‘moms pretties.’ The great thing about that is that it made finally get up the courage to talk to DH about buying more hair toys. Then that lead to having a hair toy budget starting this past fall.
I pretty much wore my hair like this for months since braiding was the only way to get my slipper hair to stay put! Though I usually had the top of the fork on the top.... it slid down, but stayed put.
Sept - After spending May-Aug away from LHC because of what seemed like a terrible postpartum shed (ended up to be only 1/8"... I was thinking it would be at least 1/2"!) I came back ready to spend some money on hair toys! lol Oh, and I have lost 30 lbs since since giving birth dec 2013 (maybe about 20lbs since the first picture?) I need to buckle down so I can say the same on my second anniversary post next year!

Oct - started playing with color


Nov - changed to a dark purple. I wore the wrong colored shirt, so i changed the brightness and contract so you can see the length.
I missed Dec, but here is Today. I now have a mix of purple, blue and teal going on (personally I think it looks way cooler than I have been able to capture on photos.) I measured myself, so I could be off. I errored on the short side, though. I started at 25.25" and am now at 32.75" which gives me 7.5" of growth this year! After a few months of great post pregnancy growth, I went back to average of 1/2" growth.

2015 goals:
1. No trimming! (and hit BCL!!!)
2. Let the color on my tips fade
3. Have fun with color on the underside!
4. Expand the buns I know how to do (when length lets me. I am soooo close to being able to do a couple new ones!)
5. Work on my picture taking and photoshopping skills! (aka, better presentation.)
6. Moar toys! (within budget)

eta: this shows the color a bit better.... still working on goal #5! lol

January 14th, 2015, 01:50 PM
i bet you know this, but i really love your current color <3 congrats on the anniversary!!

January 14th, 2015, 01:55 PM
I love the colors on your ends!! Congrats on your hairiversary!!

January 15th, 2015, 02:54 AM
Awesome hair journey! Your hair looks beautiful, good luck with your goals for this year :blossom:

January 15th, 2015, 07:42 AM
Thanks Pastina,velorutionsta, and begrmot!

January 15th, 2015, 07:49 AM
Congratulations and happy growing. :blossom:

January 15th, 2015, 08:49 AM
Nice. Love the dyed ends. :D

January 15th, 2015, 09:18 AM
Lovely color! Congrats!

January 15th, 2015, 11:31 AM
You've had some great growth this year, well done :D I LOVE your colored ends. So awesome!

January 15th, 2015, 07:19 PM
Your hair has grown a lot, it looks really healthy and full of life. Hope you reach you goal this year :)

January 15th, 2015, 08:25 PM
thanks all!

January 16th, 2015, 04:44 PM
wow your hair has grown a lot, and it has so much body and life to it! :) Are you going to keep doing the same colors on the ends or are you going to change it?

January 16th, 2015, 05:47 PM
Thanks Hele! I will probably stick with purples and blues for now. I might be one of those who finds the 'right' color and sticks with it, or I might find myself experimenting next year. I have been thinking about highlights or a streak in the front. Kind of in the bang area, but unless i find a guide on placement, I better not try. Heck, I might just be a year away from doing my whole head :bigeyes: lol, well probably not because that is a lot of upkeep.....

When are you going to jump back into the world of crazy colors and add some blue?

Five of Five
January 16th, 2015, 05:54 PM
Your hair looks healthy and beautiful!

I have to agree with everyone else that the colour is awesome ;) I'm glad you're having fun with it and growing it long at the same time!

Good luck with your 'no trim until 2016' goal. So far, so good!

January 16th, 2015, 06:02 PM
Awesome growth! I love the multi-color ends, they're quite fun.

January 16th, 2015, 06:12 PM
Rushli AMAZING growth! I love your hair!! I hope my hair grows up to be like your hair!

January 16th, 2015, 07:25 PM
For no trims, your hair is looking great, Rushli! Love the fullness and waves, coupled with the fun ends! Congrats on your first year here--you've come a long way! As I'm also someone who'd have to change "something" every few months, I can understand how far that really is! Also, congrats on the body transformation! You're looking very svelte!

January 16th, 2015, 08:38 PM
Ooooo, so pretty. I am always a fan of brightly colored hair. Your hair is really full and shiney. Congrats on all the growth. :D

January 19th, 2015, 11:36 AM
Thanks all!
Crystawni, I am so thankful for knowing a gentle way play with some color! It lets me give into the 'lets change something' bug. hehe