View Full Version : Best tea rinse for shedding/breakage?

January 6th, 2015, 03:45 PM
So I've heard of black tea rinses for shedding and breakage but I have light brown hair so I wouldn't want anything that would darken it or give it a red/orange tint. I've heard that chamomile/green tea/red tea/coffee are all good for hair but which is the most effective in lessening the breakage and shedding without effecting my hair color? Also how many times should I use it and for how long should I keep it on? And when should I use it? As a pre-poo rinse and leave it for minutes or hours? Or rinsing after shampooing/conditioning and drying hair/styling it afterwards? And when would I notice an effect on my hair? Also I have fine/thin hair I wouldn't want it to loosen my curls or make my hair seem finer/with less volume. Thank you very much.