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September 27th, 2008, 01:02 PM
IM s0o0o0o Angry/Annoyed Right Now!!!!! I'v been trying to get an appointment at the salon! The lady I have gone to for the past while always does my hair well, but she makes me wait 5 hours at the salon untill its done because she alllllllways over books! Besides that, I became a little annoyed with her because she did somthing the over day that was kind of shady (long story)

So yesterday I was trying to get in contact with my mothers friend, who happens to be a stylist! So I finally get in contact with her and I make my appointment and start talking about my PICKY hair needs! blah blah...I never get It Cut...I like to bring my own products...Blah Blah....And she starts trying to force that she will not use my products and she presfers to trim hair "Well i'v never had Miss.Picky before". So I just nicely tell her what it is I need and make my appointment. Anyway, I guess after that I am reconsidering my appointment. So really, im not bothered much by the stylist.

But What got me upset is my mom. She knows how picky I am about somone else doing my hair! So when I get off the phone she tells me "Well, I am not going to spoil me and (friend's) friendship just over some hair! You might want to find somone else to go to." This just made me so angry because she knows that I am picky and she still recomended that I go to her friend! I told her specifically what I was going to want from her Stylist Friend. When I called her friend, I talked to her in the best way possible and she started getting anoyed with me. Not only that, but yet again my mom shows me how much she dosnt care about somthing that is realy important to me. On another occassion, When she discovered my hair goal, She told me that She didnt think my hair would grow as long as I want It!

Edit: My mom has never been the type to care at all about how she looks or feeling pretty, so she has never taught me how to feel good about myself; I dont even remember a time that she told me that I was pretty. SO, I find something that I makes me feel beautiful ,my hair, and she cannot even support me in that!

September 27th, 2008, 01:12 PM
I'm not sure if you are asking for advice or support or just relating the story of being frustrated. I'll go ahead and assume you want some advice. Why not book the first appointment of the day with the stylist who does a good job on your hair? That way you won't have to wait 5 hours. I can't imagine sitting there waiting 5 hours after the time of a scheduled appointment. Did you say anything to her before? Next, be glad your mom's stylist friend let you know how she saw your requests. Sounds like she is not the stylist for you. I can't blame your mom for thinking she might get put in the middle of a situation with you and the stylist. Call and cancel with her. It's not worth the hassle with her or your mom.

September 27th, 2008, 01:21 PM
Awww honey, your mum is just being ....well ....your mum! To be honest I think her idea of finding somebody else to do your hair is not a bad one :couch:. I totally understand your hair and it's care is important to you, mixing that importance and family friends (no matter how good a hair stylist she may be) is usually a recipe for disaster. :flowers:

September 27th, 2008, 01:25 PM
It's understandable you are upset, a hairdresser should do what the client wants. Unfortunately it's a fact of life that many just don't, there can be a mindset of thinking they know best and really don't like being corrected.
The simplest thing when one is obviously not going to listen to you is to just not make an appointment. Arguing is pointless and do you really want to let someone loose on your treasured locks that you know doesn't respect your goals or preferences?

As for your mother.....oh dear, i think that's another situation where you just have to realise she doesn't understand your goals and maybe just don't get her involved in them. You have us here for that anyway ;)

ole gray mare
September 27th, 2008, 01:36 PM
Putting on my Dear Abby hat here:

Five hours seems an awfully long time to wait, and personally, I wouldn't choose to spend my time that way. Still, it sounds like your mom's desire not to get between her "picky" daughter (your description of yourself) and her friend is quite reasonable.

So it sounds like your choices are this: book with the overbooked lady or get recommendations for someone else from your friends who may also be picky.

The reality in life for really picky people is that they will be unhappy because they will continually feel let down by those around them. This is what sounds like is going on here.

You can certainly come here to vent -- many of us do -- but if you vent loudly to your mom in real life, you will never earn her support for your goals.

September 27th, 2008, 01:46 PM
I can see why you'd be upset. I struggle to trust "just anyone" with my hair - I wouldn't care if it was my moms friend. Last time I went to a stylist I tensed up so badly because I didn't like what she was doing I came out of the place with a massive headache. I would drop going to your moms friend though, just because there are probably other stylists out there who can do just as good a job and be nice about it. Keeps the risk of confrontation down too. I just don't deal with anyone who's going to be arsey about it, find someone who will do what you want to do.

Take care


September 27th, 2008, 04:43 PM
Hope that you have found someone/stylist to go to. I have a similar issue with bringing your own products to salons (I have alergies so I bring my own, no one needs a rash on your scalp!!!!). Some times they get really huffy about it. Maybe its because they can no longer try to sell you the salon stuff.:confused: lol

I also understand the Mom issues. She thinks I'm crazy for even thinking about my hair. Just hang in, and follow your own path!

Best of luck and I'm sure that you will reach your hair goals!

September 27th, 2008, 05:39 PM
... On another occassion, When she discovered my hair goal, She told me that She didnt think my hair would grow as long as I want It! ...

Well, for what it's worth, I didn't think my hair would grow as long as I want it, but hey, I'm still growing it. :)

My mom always discouraged us from anything she considered girly or vain. I'm not sure why, since she went to a good bit of trouble to dress us up when she thought it was appropriate.

Maybe it's just a superstitious thing, you know?