View Full Version : My (mental) hair journey!

November 22nd, 2014, 08:53 AM
Hi ya'll! I wanted to write a little blurb about my changing attitude towards hair over the years. If anyone wanted to contribute that'd be cool.

Childhood: Hair was always in a bob. I wanted long hair but simply did not have the patience or tolerance for it. Hemline was actually really nice....

High School: I started growing it out it got to BSL/Waist several times and eventually stayed there. Treated it like crap, brushed too roughly, heat styled WITHOUT heat protectant yadda yadda. Always complained that it would never grow past MBL/Waistish. Hemline was crap.

College: Started unintentionally stretching washing and benign neglecting. Hair got to hip. Had it cut back to waist a couple times. Than before junior year I joined LHC to try to get back to Hip. I was dealing with a lot of mechanical and heat damage and was trying to get rid of a layer cut that looked terrible after a few months. I also focused more on length at the time with zero regard for how my hemline was. Those layers ended up going in an epic 8 inch chop once my longest layer hit waist. I'm now a senior. I'm back to benign neglecting since I no longer have to baby any damage (yay!) and I care more about my hemline than about length. The length will come, but the nice ends don't have to come with it...

November 22nd, 2014, 12:29 PM
Nice hair story thanks for sharing :)

I think most people here will agree that the key to a nice hemline is regular trims! They dont have to be big. Im working on my hemline too, I just grew out layers (finally gone with the last trim!!) and now Im working on getting the hem slowly straighter, because its curved right now.

Isnt it funny how the less you do with your hair (heat styling, blowdrying, washing) the better it looks? Hair likes to be left alone.