View Full Version : When the tangles are bad...

October 13th, 2014, 01:31 PM
... try a different comb or brush.

Seriously. I recently acquired an Eternally In Amber comb, which of course I wanted to try for wet detangling (after towel drying). My hair has always been detangled with a Hairsense comb (volume bone comb), and I had *no* problems with it whatsoever. But you know, you want to change it up sometimes. Well, the new comb hiccuped. It's as smooth as can be, but it was as if I had major tangles. Switched to the Hairsense comb and it just glided on through.

The same thing happened to me with a Kent hairbrush and my Tangle Teezer. Where the Kent brush hitched and snagged badly, the Tangle Teezer just went on through without anything tugging at my scalp.

My point?

If you have lots of tangles, and you think it's your hair, try switching up your tools once in a while as well. You might be surprised!