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August 11th, 2014, 12:54 PM
So I've started working out 3 times a week and my scalp gets really sweaty! I try to only wash every other day right now so I'm wondering if it's gross if my head sweats and I don't wash??? I want the best for my hair but I don't want to be gross either...

What do you do after with after workout hair? Help!!!

August 11th, 2014, 12:57 PM
I work out every day since recently, and like heck am I gonna be bothered washing it daily :lol:

I work quite close to people, haven't heard one say "your head stinks" yet. It also doesn't look weird since it is in a bun anyway :) So as long as you are not bothered by it and your hair doesn't mind.. *shrug* :)

August 11th, 2014, 12:57 PM
I don't think it's that gross, unless you feel icky that way.

Personally, I'm often inclined to rinse the hair on my scalp after sweating, just to get it off, while leaving the length dry so I don't have to deal with it being wet.

August 11th, 2014, 01:06 PM
I don't think it's gross. I don't wash my hair every time I sweat, either. If you don't think it's gross, keep on sweating and not washing your hair, I say. :)

August 11th, 2014, 01:51 PM
I work out 4 times a week, and I don't wash my hair every time my scalp sweats. I stick to washing every few days and use a bit of dry shampoo if needs be. I would only change that if someone actually said to me that my hair was smelly or looked gross. If you personally feel ok with keeping to washing every other day then do so. Other people probably won't notice any difference in how your hair looks so don't worry about that.

August 11th, 2014, 02:16 PM
I don't find it to be too bad. My hair seems to absorb it pretty readily.

What will make skin stink isn't sweat, but rather bacteria byproducts once it's begun feeding on it. If your mantle is reasonably intact, though, it has quite a few anti-bacterial properties, and will help prevent this from happening. I use a pretty gentle wash that probably isn't capable of completely breaking down the mantle, so maybe that's why I don't have problems with it.

I have had similar results all over my body, really, since oil became a bigger part of my self-care routine and the stuff I make. I use body brushing and small amounts of soap and astringents, but try to focus on oil exchange. Even my deodorant is oil-based.

I have asked people that I trust to be brutal, and I am told I am strangely good-smelling, even though I smoke and skip a day between showers and only wash my hair twice a week. Stuff just doesn't stick to me very much, including stuff I WANT to stick to me, which is a little annoying (alcohol- and water-based scents are totally useless -- gone within 15 minutes).

Is it gross that it rarely occurs to me to shower after working out? :lol: Admittedly, I mostly do yoga, but still.

August 11th, 2014, 02:24 PM
It really depends: if you feel good without washing the sweat off, then it's fine! The sweat won't hurt your hair or scalp at all.
I sometimes don't rinse but other times I really feel better doing a scalp-wash or a water-only rinse, to rinse off the sweat but also just to cool off.
Also, if I work out in a gym (I find that environment "dusty") or go jogging along a road with lots of cars... then I really like to wash hair after, because hair and sweat attract grime pretty easily.

August 11th, 2014, 02:24 PM
I use to water wash my hair after a workout, but I've gotten lazy. Most days, I just jump in the shower after a run and toss on a shower cap. My boyfriend has never complained about my hair smelling, so I think im good to go Lol.

August 11th, 2014, 02:35 PM
I often don't wash it after working out. I'm not that much of a sweater (I mean, I don't sweat that much - I am not a piece of garment). As far as I know, I don't smell. My scalp does get itchy a bit quicker when I do a lot of sports, so sometimes I do wash more frequently.

August 11th, 2014, 02:36 PM
If you're really worried, give your hair a good brushing or combing (whichever works best for your hair type), and maybe use some dry shampoo. I like to use the one from NightBlooming's etsy shop, but there's tons of good dry shampoos at places like Target and Ulta, too.

August 11th, 2014, 03:11 PM
Thankyou for the advice and tips! It feels kinda gross at first but it dries very quickly. I left it today and now have in side braid and it looks great! I'll ask my hubby to do a smell test later :-)

Nadine <3
August 11th, 2014, 03:37 PM
I work out and only wash every 4 days or so. Sometimes I'll give it a good rinse if it feels gross. If I feel like I really want to freshen it up before a wash I put a tiny drop of lavender oil on my brush and bush it though my hair. I don't do anything but that, and I don't stink.

August 11th, 2014, 03:55 PM
I rinse mine out, but dont see why you'd have to. If it doesn't bother you and no one notices, why mess with it?

August 12th, 2014, 06:58 AM
I like to use a spray of rosemary infusion just as a refresher. And it's so easy to make by steeping a couple of fresh rosemary sprigs in some boiling water until it cools. The aroma is fresh and invigorating and a quick spray makes my hair feel revived.