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August 5th, 2014, 10:22 PM
Hi there! As you may or may not know, I am part of the young demographic here on LHC. I am a soon-to-be Junior in high school and I have been thinking about how I will take care of my hair during the day. I used braids almost exclusively last year, but I would like some variety now that my hair is longer. My hair has grown to waist length and I have started reading up on all things hair-related recently.
To put it simply, I need some buns that are sturdy, protective, and able to last most or all of the day. I don't want to be redoing my hair during Calculus! :p Also, I am taking a P.E. class that involves water aerobics once a week and yoga the rest of the time. I took it last year, so I know what to expect, but it has been a while. For yoga, I would obviously need something that wouldn't flop around while I'm in crazy poses. For the water aerobics, we don't have to get our hair wet (that joy is reserved for freshmen), but we have to go in above BSL, sometimes to our necks. Therefore, a bun is my only option.
I will be styling my hair for the day around 6am, so I can't afford to spend time trying to remember complicated steps first thing in the morning. Same thing for the P.E. class; we only get 5 minutes to get ready so I have to be fast.
This is a school-related question, but I'm sure many of the buns used by the professionals among us would carry over quite easily. :)

I've already gotten the nautilus down and it's been my go-to bun recently. I would love suggestions for any other buns that are similarly simple and easy. Thanks in advance!

August 5th, 2014, 10:29 PM
Well, I don't have a name for this bun, but you start similar to a nautilus bun, but only make your loop around two fingers instead of your whole hand. Proceed as you would with a nautilus bun, by wrapping the hair around the base. Then, you split the coil wrapped around your fingers (the first loop you've made), split it in half, then stick your stick through each loop. It's kind of like a flexi-eight made of hair.

I don't have a tutorial for this, but Spidermom's bun is sturdy. Others with longer hair can probably help you better than I . My hair is shorter and thicker. I'll be watching this thread for ideas, though!

August 6th, 2014, 12:40 AM
Wow, calculus as a junior in high school? Congrats! I didn't take it until college.

Have you tried spin pins? I used those all through high school PE and in college badminton classes (boy are those active and fast-paced!), they really stay put. I used 2 pins with WL hair, 4 with tailbone-classic, and 6 with mid-thigh-almost-knee. They work great for braided and non-braided cinnabuns, nautilus buns are also great with them. A sockbun or a rolled sock bun (gives beautiful curls) is also pretty sturdy, I wear those when I go ride rides at the fair. These all take very little time, the rolled sock bun would take the longest. Check out youtube, there are so many tutorials for these.

For yoga, I always wear a plain English braid. I have seen girls wear their hair up in topknots, but braids (single, double, French, Dutch, side, etc.) seem to work the best. I would much rather wear a bun, but in my class we lay down a lot and a bun gets in the way. Good luck and have fun with your classes!

August 6th, 2014, 06:43 AM
For yoga, a French (or another) braid would be the best option, I guess.

Buns that stay best in place, are for me the lazy wrap bun, the nautilus bun, the disc bun and the pha bun. Definitely the two last ones. You can use forks, but for me hair sticks work best. If you need something that's really secure, you can use two hair sticks instead of one.

By the way, I'm 20, so I belong to the young demographic as well :waving:

August 6th, 2014, 07:03 AM
For yoga, I do an English braid and tie the tassel to my bra with a ribbon. It looks a bit silly, but it stops it from flopping around.

As for buns that stay put all day, I've had most luck with twisted buns like cinnabun, orchid bun, and log roll held with long bobby pins (6-6,5 cm) or claw clips. Disc bun and nautilus bun with claw clips are also good, but the twisted ones hold better for me. I'm going back to school soon too, I'm starting nursing school in less than two weeks, and I've spent all summer stocking up on hair toys and tools to keep my hair up and out of the way. :lol:

August 6th, 2014, 07:47 AM
I will be styling my hair for the day around 6am, so I can't afford to spend time trying to remember complicated steps first thing in the morning. Same thing for the P.E. class; we only get 5 minutes to get ready so I have to be fast.

Arum, I chuckled when I read this. Somehow it seems to be at odds with your ability to do calculus!

Anyhow, have you thought about a Chinese braided bun? Or how about Lilith Moon's 2 strand crown braid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPHEzUr5bWQ

As for your P.E. class, why can't you just decide on a P.E. friendly hairstyle when you get up that morning. Then you won't have to worry about how to wear your hair in only 5 minutes.

Personally, I like a sectioned double braided bun. Comfy, secure, beautiful.

August 6th, 2014, 08:53 AM
IME, there's never any point to changing your hair for gym class. Wear it in a style that works, move on with your life. I lived in English braids, cinnabuns and ponytails through high school, but I was never past BSL at that age. And a bun falling down in class has never been a major problem for me. Sometimes it happens, but in most classes you can just ignore your hair til the next class change, and you can fix it then.

Celtic knot buns and plain knot buns and Aphrodite knots are all really easy, pretty, secure and did I mention EASY? A Celtic knot is just a slip knot. A plain knot is exactly what it sounds like. And an Aphrodite knot is split your hair in half, tie it in a square knot. All 3 can be anchored with sticks, forks, u shaped pins, spin pins, mini claw clips... whatever works for you. All three can be done very neatly or in an artful mess sort of style, depending on what you do with the ends.

French twists and peacock twists are really classic styles. They're not one that really works on me. My hair thinks the whole idea is terrible and tends to spit out whatever I use to anchor the style. But if they work for you, they're great.

Something I didn't know how to do in high school... there are a ton of buns that are variants on cinnabuns. Flipped cinnabuns. Infinity/figure 8 buns. The Gibraltar bun is a cinnabun variant. Try them!

Folded or tucked braided styles can give off a very similar vibe to French twists and peacock twists. If you like braids and your hair hates to do twists, these can be a good alternative. Bonus, they get your braid tail out of the way for water aerobics days.

August 6th, 2014, 08:58 AM
torrilin basically covered it all! :D She mentioned the flipped cinnabun, and that was what I was going to tell you about. It'll hold alll day for me.

Today was my girls' first day back, and they just went with down and brushed!

August 6th, 2014, 09:13 AM
If you do an internet search of different military-type buns you can get good results on the sturdy front. As far as style goes though, you may need to get creative if you don't want it to look too severe. Many of the women I know will either braid or twist one or both side sections before putting it in with the bulk of the bun, and it turns out very pretty. I've not mastered it even after watching them do it, but I never cared much for being cute while in uniform. Just haven't taken the effort, but they seem to whip it up in no time at all.

August 6th, 2014, 09:24 AM
Thanks everyone! I have a nice collection of styles to look up and play around with now. :)

By the way Madora, when I said I had 5 minutes for P.E. prep, that includes changing clothes and putting on gym shoes if necessary. When it all adds up, it isn't much time at all.