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July 22nd, 2014, 01:09 PM
Good idea for those of us with back up stashes of *any* kind. The idea is not to go on a "no buy", but to be conscious of what you have. For example, if you buy something new, you need to use up what you were using first, to be able to get at the new product. More here!

Jump on the bandwagon... errr "bus". ;)

July 22nd, 2014, 01:54 PM
What I do if I notice I am buying more extras than I need, is I make a rule like "I can buy another bar of soap, but only if I find one vanilla scented" -- well that rule worked too well and I never did find a vanilla scented one and I ran out of soap and had to buy more anyway! So I bought a few bars and now I won't buy any until I find the scent I want.

I have the same rule (vanilla scented only) for shampoo right now, but I might run out of shampoo and then I will just buy whatever smells nicest at the store.

July 23rd, 2014, 08:04 AM
I used to have one shampoo and one conditioner in use and a spare of each that had to be on hand because they are shipped in. Since LHC I have two shampoos in use and four conditioners in use! This is in addition to the spares. I'm getting worse, not better, and I can't see any stop to it. Once I can buy any I want to try, there is no limiting the greed. And I think I'm already going wrong with having too many bottles open at once in addition to the numerous oils that have been bought and tried and found wanting. Buying excess cakes of soap has always been an issue for me, but soap gets better as it ages, at least that's my rationale.

July 23rd, 2014, 08:14 AM
I pretty much have a good supply of all kinds of body products, all bought when on sale, and hoarded (hate to say it, but that's how it is). Whenever I get the urge to try something new, I know some of my old stuff - at least - has to be in use and used, and / or empty. I'm not adding to the mass of supplies here. And there's pretty much always a sale on, you can't keep hoarding forever. Has to be done within reason.

July 23rd, 2014, 10:27 AM
I'm doing this with make up for the last year. Definitely works.

July 23rd, 2014, 10:50 AM
I don't have a problem with buying unnecessary hair products. The only backup stash I have for hair is for my Tresemme Naturals conditioner, which I have two unused bottles laying around that I bought when I actually found it at a store. I can't find it anywhere else, so I was happy to find it!

Makeup is another story lol. I used to have a lot. I went through all of my makeup a while ago and got rid of things that were really old and didn't look good on me...Like bright pink lipstick. I love a good bright blue based pink, but they clash horribly with my complexion :(. I still have a "lot" of makeup, but my collection of products is much more manageable now. To prevent myself from buying a lot of products, I went on a no-buy for a while. It worked, but I liked trying new things out too much for it to last long. Instead, I've made a wish-list of products I want to try and I limit myself to only items on said list, and only when current items I have are used up. Every once in a while I'll treat myself to a new lipstick, but I'll usually get rid of an older one I have to keep the number of products I have in balance.

It's been about a year since I've started this, and so far, my collection hasn't gotten out of control!