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cobden 28
July 20th, 2014, 05:38 AM
I'm trying to grow out my fringe, which currently reaches down to the end of my nose - too long to leave loose and too short to tie back in a topknot - so I have to resort to an Alice band to keep my hair off my forehead.

In his oppressive summer heat I've no other alternative to keep the hair off my forehead...unless anyone on his forum has any other suggestions, please ?

July 20th, 2014, 05:47 AM
Something like this (http://www.hairromance.com/2012/09/30-braids-in-30-days-day-10.html) should work well and looks really pretty. I often wear mine like that.

July 20th, 2014, 05:56 AM
You could use mini claw clips, bobby pins, etc. to clip them to the side, or straight back. Maybe with a little pouf if you don't like them slicked back. You could twist the hair before clipping them to give a different look, too. Try parting your fringe in different places before clipping them back. I do that all the time and I love how it can change the look in a matter of seconds.

July 20th, 2014, 05:58 AM
I would also suggest braiding it, french, dutch or lace-braiding, you could try rope-braiding it too or just twist it back or to the side and secure with a small clip or pin. :)

July 20th, 2014, 07:50 AM
Agree with Nebulae, can you not braid it into the rest of your hair, or use it to form an accent braid that you can then incorporate into a bun or whatever hairstyle you prefer? I'm thinking grab the fringe section off to one side along with a chunk of longer hair, turn it into a little braid that will end up nearly the same length as the rest of your hair. Just an idea! You want to be careful about pinning/clipping it back in the same place all the time as it may break off and you'll end up back where you started.

July 20th, 2014, 12:06 PM
I'm growing a fringe out too and I second the suggestions the other guys have given. I know some think that clips and pins are bad for your hair but when growing out a fringe they become your best friends. As long as you remove them carefully and vary placement they're ok. Farmlass made a great suggestion, which is something I do with my own hair. I don't particularly suit having my hair brushed straight back anyway so doing different twists and poufs gives a softer look. The best thing to do is buy some pins and maybe some mini claw clips, have a look for some ideas or tutorials on t'internet and experiment! You'll soon figure out some new ways of styling your fringe that suit you and stop you getting a hot forehead :D

July 20th, 2014, 12:10 PM
I'd go with twisting. I grew out Bettie bangs (very short) and the only style I could manage was ''the twist.' Basically, you just twist the bangs back and secure them with bobby pins. It's also the least damaging method, imo!

July 20th, 2014, 12:44 PM
I lived in those mini clawclips for like a year...made a little pouf with the hair, off to the one side.
Now my bangs are just about collar bone and I don't have to pin them back all the time. They have enough weight to behave.
Stay strong! Growing out bangs is hard.

July 20th, 2014, 01:02 PM
Hang in there! My bangs have finally reached the bottom of my lips. I am living in mini jaw clips. They never damage or snap my hairs and I can vary the look with ease.

July 20th, 2014, 01:07 PM
I just pin them back with bobby pins. My bangs are just past my nose as well. They're *just* long enough to lace braid, then pin, but it's tricky still. Another inch and I'll be able to lace braid them to the side better. I sometimes use claw clips, but my hair likes to slip out of those.

I take my bangs,pull them back and give them a little twist to keep them together. Then I pin them. Easy.

http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s394/Kirsten_MacDicken/Mobile%20Uploads/2014-05/A2BB3380-887A-44B1-A3F6-68D0F6E07E3F_zpsl8xtjhxu.jpg (http://s1049.photobucket.com/user/Kirsten_MacDicken/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2014-05/A2BB3380-887A-44B1-A3F6-68D0F6E07E3F_zpsl8xtjhxu.jpg.html)