View Full Version : Thin hair line?

July 17th, 2014, 08:23 PM
Hi everybody! So, my entire life, I've struggled with what I thought was a large forehead. I recently figured out that my forehead isn't actually all that big, it's that the hair that grows on my hairline is just baby fine and almost white. The rest of my hair is a medium thickness, very wavy, and an ash-brown. The bottom of my hair weighs the top of it down SO much. It's almost like it gets thicker as it gets longer, but the root of my hair is SO fine. I've even examined some of my hairs that shed and it's completely different hair textures. My hair doesn't grow out to be any lighter or straighter or finer... It's literally JUST the top of the hair. And I'm definitely not going grey yet! I've almost always had some sort of bangs to try and cover up my forehead, but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to maybe make my hairline appear thicker/darker? Bangs are SO MUCH WORK for wavy headed folk. Has anyone else experienced this craziness or is it just me with a flat top of the hair and a HUGE bottom of the hair?

July 17th, 2014, 08:57 PM
I have very thick hair but a fuzzy hairline at the front. If i really want to make an effort i use an eyeshadow to come up with a precise line. If it just grows like that and always has, i'm afraid theres not much else you could do, aside from some type of hairline surgery where they cut the baby fine part out and sex your forehead back together. I've seen decent results on some people but don't think i would permanently want to get rid of my babyhair.

July 17th, 2014, 09:40 PM
It might just be how it is. I have a cousin whose hairline is still wispy like a young child's, but she's in her mid-20's. The rest of her hair is thick and voluminous. However, if you frequently wear extremely tight styles that pull on your hair, you may want to cut that out; over time, this can pull back your hairline (traction alopecia).

Nothing wrong with a big forehead. I have one myself. It's regal. :)