View Full Version : Wavy ends

July 10th, 2014, 02:17 PM
Hello Fellow Wavies-I am going to get a trim and wondered what you have done about "fish hook ends." Here is my hair left to dry after CO washing and mostly untouched. See how some of the ends have fishhook type bends, especially on the right as you look at the photo? It can make a trim look very uneven. I am going to a person recommended by a friend with wavy hair, so I'm hoping she's good, but I always debate layers or not and what to help the hemline. Any hints about what to ask for, etc. Last time my hair was this length it was STRAIGHT. Thanks to 2 kids and crazy hormones I'm now wavy and learning how to adapt. Hum - I wonder if this is a styling/handling issue not a cut issue? Input?Thanks!