View Full Version : Hair update V2 and why does my hair look transparent in direct light

June 10th, 2014, 01:41 PM
Hi guys

Feels likes its been sometime since I last came here but its always great returning back here.

So for the non-hair related stuff:
I have figured out what was causing soo much of my IBS stomach problems. It was because of all the oils I was taken daily even though it was all low dosage. I have been taking herbal medicine which is suppose to help out with my hair and gastritis. It has actually helped with my gastritis but not seeing any hair benefits even though I started late November last year. I have the potential to take up acupuncture on my hair but not sure how bad or good it is since it does circulate blood but, your getting needles in your head which is scary as it sounds. I been exercising regularly which again has helping with my IBS. I also jump started that 30 day ab challenge.

And now the hair stuff:
Just to recall from last time, I have taken all manner of blood tests and they all came back with nothing.

Unfortunately, the hair loss still remains the same as last time i.e. thinning around the crown and my hair line is starting to increase in hair loss too.
I was using castor oil late year for a few months but I notice it wasnt doing anything apart from making it look thicker but not regrow hair. I recently change my hair oil regime and trying out Vatika cocobut hair oil which I started this May:

It makes my hair nice and thick. I actually think its better then using castor oil and has good ingredient. But I dunno if it can fix that underline problem on regrowing hair?

My hair looks ok but what really puts me off is, in direct sunlight my scalp looks transparent. And it emphasis that I have thinning hair. Lol, I now do this stupid thing where I now avoid any light bulb that go pass my hair :( But in normal light and the day after I wash my hair and it let dry, it appears fine.
Is this normal? I see others peoples hair sometimes do this but not everyone has it.

My next phase to regrow my hair using either Nioxin or Revivogen. The reviews for Nioxin on amazon sounds a bit too positive. But theres a 30 day guarantee for Nioxin.
According to the consultation tool, I would need Nioxin 6??? Would it hurt to try?

Any input directions, please let me know :)