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April 26th, 2014, 10:19 PM
So I've tried almost everything with my frizzy/wavy/curly hair from co-washing to shampooing to silicones and oils. The best thing I found to work with my hair is co-washing and applying coconut oil as a leave-in. Yet, my hair frizzes and tangles easily, I have many kinky areas where you can see small hair jumping and curling of the main strand which causes "bumping" and a frizzy look. I am almost 4 years into my journey and my hair is almost waist-length when wet and at APL when dry.

My current routine:
CO-wash and then comb when fully wet and saturated with conditioner, then rinse out the conditioner and re-condition my kinky areas and let everything air-dry.

The result:
Some defined curls and waves (ends are usually good) but also big clumps of frizzy and "gummy" hair (means hair is not curly but wiry and tough to feel). These depend, sometimes I get a head that is 90% curly and wavy and that would be great but other times the clumps dominate more. It is totally random even when repeating the exact routine.

What I think I may be doing wrong:
After I fully detangle my hair when it is full of conditioner, I step in the shower to rinse everything out, I rinse my hair as-a-whole; means I don't rinse it in sections, so I think that water is re-tangling everything and the big clumps of frizz is coming from here.

What I think I should try doing instead:
After rinsing out the conditioner, re-condition again but in a small amount, retangle and hand-rinse in section while defining my curls. (This works with my kinky areas which I am usually doing in my current routine)

What do you think? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Note 1: I only had 1 trim in my whole 4 years! (Again, ends are usually good)

Note 2: I never use any kind of heat (except maybe 3 times throughout my whole journey) and I have a past of chemical straightening (mainly in my 1st year).

April 27th, 2014, 04:49 AM
I think the random results you get in your hair could be due to humidity levels... if so, you're not doing anything wrong, your hair is just being naturally affected by the weather ;)
I am also a frizzy/wavy/curly, and my hair sometimes has beautiful curls all over, sometimes it just looks frizzy and sort of amorphous. I noticed that my hair looks curlier/frizzier when it's rainy outside. When the weather is dry, my hair would look just wavy. My routine is similar than yours: I co-wash only, comb with my fingers while the conditioner is on my hair, then I put a nurturing mask (3 mins), a bit of argan oil on the tips, air-dry naturally, and coconut oil as a leave-in. If I want it to look straighter, I would just comb again while it's getting dry, and put some more coconut oil to reduce the frizz.
I think gently scrunching your hair while it's wet, from your tips to the roots, could help you; also (instead of the section thing) you could comb your hair while it's wet, before you scrunch it, with a wide tooth comb/fingers. If you put too much conditioner in your hair, it will weigh down and won't look that much curly. Hope this helps! :)