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September 15th, 2008, 08:29 AM
Hello Everyone! I've been away for a long time and it's good to be back.
I've been camping for the last 5 weeks or so while on an archaeological dig, and I thought I'd share how I coped with my hair through that time. I'm normally a CO washer, but there were no showers available most of the time - just a water tank!

Basically, I did a lot of the same stuff that NW people do and it was really easy. I'm not used to combing my hair - usually I just finger detangle while COing. But I just bit the bullet and started doing it every morning before I put my hair in two french braids with the ends folded up so they wouldnt get damaged or dirty while I was working. This style was very good for keeping my hair out of the way all day and it was easier to put a hat over it than if I just had one braid.
Every once in a while at night I'd take my hair down and massage my scalp and try to get the sebum towards the ends. Also, I'd brought a bottle of olive oil for cooking, and periodically used that to oil my ends.

Good hair accessories: hair-friendly elastics, headband or scarf for holding back wispies while washing face, bandana or scarf for covering hair in the sun (if you dont have a hat), clips in case wisps of hair start falling out of braids and you dont have time to re-do them, a good comb.

I have fairly curly hair, and the strands are pretty fine too. The main thing I'd been worried about was that it would be really tangly and that it would turn into a collection of mats. But with this very simple routine it was actually very easy to deal with - although I doubt that I'd have won any beauty competitions during those weeks.
My curls were more like 80's 'big hair' than actual curls that whole time, but since it was in braids it didnt really matter. And I think it stayed healthy without taking much time or effort. And who cares what you look like while camping, right?

I hope this helps any of you who are going to be in the great outdoors - I know I've seen a couple of threads asking advice for situations like this.

September 15th, 2008, 10:33 AM
Thanks for sharing your experience! Very useful. I have a question, on your folded braids, did you secure the tip of each braid to the base of that braid near your head with the elastic?

September 15th, 2008, 11:02 AM
Thanks for the tips!! I've just recently gotten the hang of french braiding (if only patience were as easy to pick up) and that sounds like something to try out. Granted, my outdoorsy adventures would likely be much shorter than yours. :p

I'm also interested in how you secure the braids? I've had little luck with folding braids up in the past...

September 15th, 2008, 11:52 AM
They werent exactly folded braids - I just folded up the tassel so there's a little loop instead of the ends sticking out. Sometimes if the braids hanging down bothered me I would tie them together at the back of my head - it probably looked weird but I didnt really care at the time!

I've never tried actual folded braids and I cant imagine how you'd do it either... maybe with a ribbon that you can tie around the tassel and the base? I think an elastic would be too difficult to get the braid loop through.