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April 6th, 2014, 02:23 AM
Hello lovely LHCers! Im hoping you can help me with an opinion or two on my hair type please...

Today - possibly for the first time ever - I washed and dried my without combing/brushing/bunning or otherwise messing with my hair while it was drying. And this is how it looked:


I'm thinking that I should re-asses my typing to a 2... but I'm not sure where? Although you cant see them in the photo I do have very fine ringlets around my ears, nape... while the top has always been very straight, but it's certainly wavier than I thought it was (it's also been a very long time since Ive seen a photo of the back of my hair lol!).

I'd also be keen to know if anyone else has wavy yet very fine (and quite light colored) hair - what sort of product/leave-in do you use/ find works well to enhance and protect the waves? My hair is prone to oiliness and most are too heavy so they leave it looking lank. I use coconut and other oils on the very tips as the ends do get pretty dry. CO doesn't work because my roots are too oily.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Thank you :)

April 6th, 2014, 07:54 AM
I think you're definitely into the 2s, but I'm not sure which one-- I'd say solid 2a at least, but I'm not remembering the a/b/c distinctions between 2s very well.

April 6th, 2014, 08:11 AM
2a, maybe 2a/b judging from the very tips and how far up the waves go.

April 6th, 2014, 08:12 AM
I would say 2a or 2a/b. Very pretty wave pattern. I use nightblooming panacea on my ends. Sometimes homemade flaxseed gel.

April 6th, 2014, 08:16 AM
Beautiful hair! It looks a bit like my hair, but thicker :) I'd go with 2a/2b.

April 6th, 2014, 08:17 AM
I'd say 2a/2b.

2a is stretched S waves, and 2b is supposed to be smaller S waves all throughout the hair, and to me it looks like for you it's a bit in between :)

April 6th, 2014, 08:25 AM
Myep, I'd say 2a/2b too, but if I had to pick between those two I'd say 2b. So you're closer to 2b than 2a in my opinion. :)

April 6th, 2014, 11:41 AM
2a/2b, I think. Might be with some coaxing and good care, it'll turn into full-blown 2b.

April 6th, 2014, 01:06 PM
Thanks so much ladies :)

April 6th, 2014, 01:30 PM
I'm so jealous of your wave pattern. It's so pretty! Like others, I'd say 2a/b. :)

April 6th, 2014, 01:46 PM
I'd say 2a-b as well :)