View Full Version : Long thick braids and exotic wood.

September 13th, 2008, 10:25 PM
So, I went to the Woodsmith Store today to look at their exotic wood since I plan on trying to make a few crochet hooks. As I was hanging out in the lumbar section I spotted a woman perhaps in her 50's, with her husband on the higher balcony looking at wood. Her hair was long, to her waist, in a simple thick braid...I thought, "Wow! What nice hair!"

Well, later they were down on the main floor over by me, and I seen her hair closer...oh my gosh!!! Her hair was a medium brown with a ton of golden shimmer! And I mean a medium golden shimmer...not super light. So Pretty!!! And the light was shining on her hair just right that it brought it out even more so...

So later, as I was looking at pre-packaged exotic wood she came over and made a comment that it was difficult to see all the different woods in the bag, and they should have packaged it differently...we started talking and I mentioned the purpose of my trip and she directed me to the section where they had blocks of wood that are typically used to carve pens. Exotic wood in the perfect size! :) Her husband and her used a lot of exotic wood and she was offering lots of great advice, and being really helpful! When we were walking over the the pen wood section I told her, "By the way, I absolutley love your hair!" She smiled and said, "Oh, thank you."

Anyway, just thought I'd share. Her hair was just gorgeous!

Oh, and my boyfriend has told me twice over a 48 hour period that my hair is getting longer. :) Guess he's finally noticing. :D