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March 17th, 2014, 12:13 AM
My sisters hair is a bit different than mine. She has a lot of breakage from straighteners and blow drying. Some of the splits are only 3-4 inches from her scalp and on top. She wants to figure out how to care for it better. We plan on doing some serious s&d sessions for the next several days and I trimmed off some horrible damage (about 4-5 inches of unsalvagable hair) yesterday. Her hair is about apl right now.

I did my best to type her hair. I think she is a 2b/c, m,ii. I was wondering if there are less damaging ways to take out some of the wavyness of her hair. We want to avoid heat. But some wavy bits are too short to lay like the rest thanks to breakage.

Are there any protien treatments you might suggest? Should I just mix honey into shampoo? She has a medium brown hair color if that helps with advice.

I put coconut oil in her hair and now it's not so crunchy. In fact it is a whole lot softer.

She really does not want to cut more hair off and would like slightly longer than waist length eventually. I figure that we can trim off damage over time and just try to treat it really nice. She has had long wonderful hair before, so I know it is possible for her.

What products/home recipes might you suggest? And thanks for any advice you give me!

March 17th, 2014, 12:24 AM
Perhaps braiding when damp would give her more defined curls that she would like better? As for straightening without heat, this lady is a bit long-winded, but I think this should work to straighten her hair a bit, I've heard of similar wrapping methods before that have yielded good results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bb2YIipK5nQ However take this with a grain of salt as I have straight hair already and have never attempted to make it straighter. I'd say that the main thing to help will be what you've already mentioned, treating it nicely and time. Good luck to you and your sister!

March 17th, 2014, 12:50 AM
I would keep using the coconut oil and do some deep conditioning treatments. Eggs can be a good protein treatment option as well.

And here is another option for straightening hair without heat:


You don't have to sit under a dryer like she does in the video, though ;-)

March 17th, 2014, 01:39 AM
Alright! It looks like we are going to try a hair wraping technique soon! Is there any advice on how to do proper protien treatments? My hair never responds well to protien so I usually just avoid it. Do I just cover her hair in eggs or honey or both for a few hours? Are there any recipes that you like? especially if you are closer to her hair type. What kinds of things can I do if the protien treatment doesn't mix well with her? Are there any particular brands of shampoos and conditioners that tend to work better for this sort of thing?

March 17th, 2014, 05:59 PM
If you do a protein treatment on her, I would follow it up immediately with a deep moisture treatment. Many find that the protein treatments leave their hair craving moisture. Besides, it sounds like her hair needs moisture anyway. ;)

March 17th, 2014, 07:25 PM
I would use either honey and an oil or an egg and and an oil... I think the two together would be a bit too much protein and that can make hair kind of brittle, I believe. You can try combining 1 tablespoon of olive oil with one egg yolk and 1 cup of warm water, or one egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1/2 teaspoon of almond oil.

March 18th, 2014, 07:20 PM
Ok. So I made a mix for my sisters head. I used egg yolks and grapeseed oil. I also put in some avacado. It seemed to really help! She rinsed it out and then put in some good thick conditioner. Her hair feels less stretchy. And it feels less dry. I spent about 20 monuted doing an s&d session on her and got a TON of splits and white dots out. I think we are going to do some s&d sessions over the course of the next week. Her hair looks smoother. I also put in more coconut oil too. Her hair is already so different than it was a few days ago! I think the "layers" (broken off hair that I'm getting the splits and white dots off of) bug her. But this is something only time will take care of.