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September 12th, 2008, 10:10 AM
Hey! I'm new here, come from Europe and tried my best to find a solution in German-speaking hair forums but nobody could really help me till now. So I saw here are many more people and so many clever heads that hopefully can explain and help me with my problem.
Here is my story about my weird hair:
Around three months ago i discovered that I have wavy, somtimes especially some parts are even curly!
I was so happy :)
But with the time i discovered a problem, what really makes me sometimes desperate:
Usually i live in the Netherlands, am studying there, but propably every 3rd or 4th weekend ( sometimes even less)I visit my family in Germany ( its approximatly a 4 hours trip by train).
In Germany, at my parents place, I have defined voluminous curls, The hair feels light, but stable and even the colour ( blond) looks so great and shiny. Especially when I brush it the curls or waves become really big defined, and the whole hair has lots of volume and shine although it might feel a bit rough, but that just gives the impression of stabilty and structure.
I have a special really beautiful and thick curl, what curls up right at the roots till the ends.It is always on the left side of my head, so next to my left cheek :)
and defines and separates itself from all hair and is quite eye-catching. I mention this 'special curl' cause it plays a role in the continuation of my story
So, that is at my parents place, where we have middle-hard water.
When I go back to the Netherlands, where it is said that we have also middle-hard water, my hair changes: When I wash my hair the first time after my return to the Netherlands the curls are still ok, and the big curl on the side is still good to see and all is still voluminous. But already after the second wash the hair seem to loose its volume, its structure, everything seems to deflate. And after a few times washing my hair with the Netherland water it just looks like flat on the roots and the curls are just looking like an old permanent wave.
the 'special curl' is becomes more and more flat on the root what and is not at all a big volumious defined strand, but lots little strands with curly ends.
Of course I use the same products like I do in Germany ( I take them with me)!
It is really sad for me, and I feel uncomfortable with those 'deflated' curls, or minimized waves. I started to wash my hair usual and after washing I dash over drinkwater from the supermarket, what contains as much as possible calcium and magnesium, so quite hard water. This helps at least to define the waves and the curls are better, but the hair still loses volume and the 'special curl' still does not be as curly or thick as in Germany at my parents, but better than without dashing the hard water from the supermarket.
I also noticed, that if I let away the hairmasc what contains little silicone my hair even looks worst!
Changing from a 'colour-caring' shampoo to a 'curl activating shampoo'( both have no silicone!) helped already a bit: My hair was really curly after washing with the curl-shampoo, but it lost even more volume and was too soft so that it deflated just hours after washing, so that almost no curls were left over a day ( or night) after the washing process.
I am sure, that it MUST be the water!
But is it possible, that hard water seems to activate and define my curls and gives even more shine and volume????
Usually I thought its soft water what is better for the hair and better for curls as well!!!
PLease, help me! I would be so glad if somebody takes care about my threat!
(Sorry if my English might be partly wrong, I'm German )

September 12th, 2008, 10:40 AM
Yes, it is possibly the water. The girls at naturallycurly.com have some posts on this, if you are interested.

September 12th, 2008, 01:04 PM
Hey thanks for answering and the tip:). I had a look at the web page, but there are no suggestions how to improve the hair situation, just that few people are also better off with hard than soft water. Further, they say, few people like hard water more cause the minerals build up on the hair so the curls hang a bit out. But my problem is the opposite: My curls become just like 'tired noodles', although it is said that the water is in both areas middle-hard.
Does somebody know or has an idea how to make the best out of my situation? Maybe how to find a substitute for the abstinence of hard water? Maybe a tip what products to use or better to avoid?