View Full Version : How to get protein treatment on only the top layer of my hair?

January 26th, 2014, 06:34 AM
So the ends of my hair are very damaged from bleach and need protein to stop them from getting too stretchy, however it is only the ends on the top half of my hair. Because I have cut off a lot of the dye the hair from my ears and down doesn't need protein, but the ends of the hair growing from above my ears does. ( Sorry if this isn't making sense) My problem is how do I get the protein treatment onto the top layer of hair without getting it on the underneath? The protein/moisture balance on the bottom part is good, so if I use protein on it the hair will probably get crunchy and dry. My hair clumps together when it is wet after I shampoo, and if I try to section the top from the bottom while wet I will get more breakage because of my weak hair. Also when my hair is wet I cant tell the difference between the bleached hair and my virgin hair, because it was dyed back to my natural color before growing it out, and I don't want to get the treatment onto my virgin hair.
~ I can put the protein treatment on the hair while it's dry before I wash it, but when I shampoo will it take out the protein that was put onto my hair?

January 26th, 2014, 07:24 AM
Since you can apply the treatment to dry hair, I would section off the top layer, apply, and wash upside down so you avoid touching the bottom. What kind of protein treatment are you using? The instructions might mention weather or not to shampoo it out or just rinse with water. Otherwise I'm not sure whether or not shampoo will remove the protein. From my experience though there hasn't been any product that hasn't rinsed out from my hair without shampoo other than oils :)