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January 25th, 2014, 01:23 AM
Pretty new to this forum.. seems to me that there are a lot of women on this forum.. wasn't expecting that.
I stumbled onto this forum looking for advice on a new haircut. I'm 21 and have had long hair for almost 5-6 years now and actually looking for a new change.
I'm kind of having trouble finding a style that looks good on me. I've gone really short before but I really don't feel attractive with short hair. So I was wondering if you guys could suggest similar styles to the photo of what I was thinking on going for. First photo is the style I am interested and second photo is me. (I feel like I'm probably in the wrong place to ask this or posting in the wrong section) (If I am mods can move)
Thank you :)


(I like it because the sides are long and it can still be considered short) (Not sure how I want the back though)

Currently me.