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January 13th, 2014, 05:10 PM
I chopped my hair off awhile ago because it was just sooo jacked up from so many chemical dyes. I've been growing it out for about a year now and progress is sssllloooowwww... It's terribly frustrating.
Since the cut I've taken chemical dyes off the table completely. I did recently henna, and will continue that. I got rid of my heating implements with the new year because just having them available I knew I was using them too much. I shampoo and condition once every one to two days for two reasons- scalp oil making me look greasy, and bedhead. If both those stay under control sometimes I'll go three days between.
I do still get regular trims- mostly on the bottom of the back to avoid a mullet look while my top and sides catch up. My hair is super fine and straight and between three and four inches(I measure the hairs I shed in the shower based on how many showertiles the span. lol) I don't really shed a lot. Maybe ten to twenty hairs in the shower. I don't have a hairbrush after The Great Chop, so I can't really tell if I'm shedding a lot when I comb my hair.

After finding this site, I purchased a few things:
MSM, which I've already added to my morning collection of pills and vitamins(I was taking 10,000biotin, but stopped a couple weeks ago when I was having a bad breakout)
Coconut oil, which I've added to my daily face routine, but not really my hair routine(First time I used it was on damp hair and it dried exceptionally oily. When I used what was left on my hands after doing my face when my hair was dry, that turned out ok.)
Neeli oil, which hasn't arrived yet.
Castor oil, which I haven't used yet.
Oh, right. And some monistat, which I haven't used yet for fear of the headaches.

I do have a couple questions, and would love general tips and advice and such. I do want to grow my hair out, and I want it to be healthier than it was(shouldn't be too hard, seeing as how screwed up it used to be)
1- How do you guys apply the oils? The coconut oil I had on my hands and sorta just pulled my hands through the ends, but I'm seeing that some other oils just need to go on the scalp... So I'm wondering if I need an eyedropper, or a cottonball, or should I just stick my fingers in it to spread it around?
2- The castor oil says it's a pre-wash treatment so I figured I'd use it every few days before my shower... The neeli hasn't arrived yet, but can someone tell me if it's a pre-wash also? If so... How should I cycle the two? Or does it matter?
3- Suggestions for shampoo/conditioners? I'm currently using some suave apple stuff. Smells good, but I don't know if it's so good for my hair...

January 13th, 2014, 10:12 PM
I use coconut oil as a prewash treatment. I wait until the hair at my scalp gets oily, then I rub coconut oil between my palms, then sandwich my hair between my palms and run my oily hands down the length. I usually divide my hair in half and repeat on each side. Then I comb and brush through, then braid for the night and wash in the morning. I use diluted shampoo at my scalp, rinse, then massage conditioner into my length and let it marinate while I finish my shower. At the end of my shower I rinse well while combing with my wide-tooth shower comb.

I would never-ever put oil on my scalp because it gets plenty oily without any help from me.

As for shampoo/conditioner, I like Renpure Originals Luxurious argan oil formula. I've found nothing better. Giovanni 50/50 works really well also. But this is highly individual. We have a lot of people here using a lot of different products, some of which I hate.

January 13th, 2014, 10:40 PM
I use coconut oil as a prewash too but I also put it on my scalp. I just get enough in my palm to cover all of my hair (not much now that I have a pixie lol) and then I rub it through and massage it into my scalp. I don't always sleep with it in my hair sometimes I just leave it on for a couple of hours and then wash it out. I CWC which helps me get the coconut oil out (shampoo alone doesn't work for me) I condition first with the strawberry suave and then wash with Burts Bees super shine shampoo, rinse then use the burts bees conditioner and let it sit for a while and rinse. I personally don't like the suave apple it doesn't work as well for conditioner and all suave shampoo dries my hair out way too much. Good luck I hope you find a routine that works for you!