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January 13th, 2014, 01:27 AM
So I decided to start growing my hair last January and as it's been a year I think there's a noticeable difference between then and now ;)

January 2013:

January 2014:

With just two trims (one in April for damage and fringe and one Jan 2nd '14 for the New Year and about 0.25 inches lost) I am hoping for this sort of growth rate for this year (though I wouldn't say no to more) and love having my hair at the longest it's ever been :D

January 13th, 2014, 01:39 AM
Congrats :) You have some great growth there.

January 13th, 2014, 01:40 AM
Thank you :) I never realised how good at growing my hair could be :)

January 13th, 2014, 02:14 AM
I see lots of growth!!! Looking great! Congrats :)

January 13th, 2014, 04:46 AM
Great growth for a year. Looks lovely and thick.

January 13th, 2014, 05:15 AM
Amazing growth, I have to say. I'm stunned! And with 2 trims inbetween. Nice! :D :thumbsup:

January 13th, 2014, 05:30 AM
Thank you very much :) I can't wait to see how well it grows this year, I may actually actively do & eat more to help my health (and hair) ;D

January 13th, 2014, 05:36 AM
Ooh what a good idea to capture your growth in such a way! Especially in January, with new years resolutions and all.. I think I'm going to do this too for myself.

Looks lovely by the way. I can imagine it's very motivating :happydance:

January 13th, 2014, 05:42 AM
It was a good idea I hadn't even considered when I took the first picture (I have no other way to see the back of my head.... the amount of pics taken to see if my plait looks passable to go out in public is astonishing ;D).

I honestly hadn't realised how much it had grown until those pictures went side by side, very motivating to actually do something to encourage hair growth this year just to see how that turns out, such as healthier eating and more protective styles (as those weren't always possible when it was shorter :S)

January 13th, 2014, 05:50 AM
Your hair did grow a lot and two trims. That's even more amazing.

January 13th, 2014, 06:17 AM
Thanks jacqueline :) I never knew my hair had it in it, must be the challenge of being allowed to grow long ;)

Agnes Hannah
January 13th, 2014, 06:21 AM
Congrats on your growth, you have lovely hair, I can't wait to see it growing to your waist and beyond!

January 13th, 2014, 06:25 AM
Thank you :) I can't wait to see it beyond waist either, I think it'd look pretty cool to actually have really long hair :D

January 13th, 2014, 07:29 AM
Wow that is great progress and your hair looks great as well;). I love progress pics, they keep me going, can't wait to see next year's pic. :)

January 13th, 2014, 07:33 AM
That's some great progress! Congrats!

January 16th, 2014, 06:40 AM
Nice work!


You've got a nice thick head of hair!

January 16th, 2014, 06:52 AM
Wow, great growth - it looks very healthy. :)