View Full Version : Another protein/moisture query

January 3rd, 2014, 04:12 PM
Apologises for another protein/moisture query, but here goes: As you may have seen on my thread a couple days ago, after doing the 'stretch test', my strand appeared to only stretch upto an inch longer and didn't spring back. I thought I needed moisture. So I co-washed and used a basic conditioner + honey mix as my RO. I repeated the test today, I measured the strand before and after stretching, and there was a 2cm(ish) difference. Now the problem is, I can't work out whether my hair is stretching that tiny amount and then staying put, or whether it's stretching more (I read it should stretch 10-15% of the hair length?) and simply springing back to almost the original length. I mean, the strand did feel quite springy ... Obviously if it is the latter, that means I have a healthy balance right? It's just so hard to tell as my hair is so fine.

Is there another method for testing? Or are there other 'symptoms' I should be looking out for to help me work it out? My hair literally feels absolutely fine but I'm worrying a little, I don't want to ignore what the test may be indicating. I didn't even think I had any problems, I just did the test out of curiosity. My hair is still soft and smooth and slippy, when wet and dry, nothing has changed? Am I just over-thinking?

January 3rd, 2014, 04:42 PM
Hair does stretch (moisture) or breaks (protein) if you are in the extremes. Next time you take a shower, feel your hair when its wet for its conditions before you put any product in. If it feels coarse, it needs moisture. Gummy and limp means it needs protein. My hair isn't quite there yet, but I'm looking for my hair to feel silky when its wet. Hope this helps.