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November 15th, 2013, 01:35 PM
Sorry if a similar topic its somewhere in the forum, but I didn't get it in the search engine so... if it already exist please post the link I'll be glad to contribute!

This is a call for all 1a hair type people!
The basis: Type 1a hair is naturally straight, thin, fine, flat from the scalp to the ends, smooth silky. Also tends to be oily. It's rare to get frizz. It's difficult to hold curls. It's one of the most resistant to damage.

It would be nice to exchange our experiences, questions, advise and pics about our hair type.

A- HAIRCUT. Shape? Layers? Bangs? Lenght? What haircut you like the most to wear?

B- HAIRSTYLE. Ponytail? All down? Braid? Bun? Waves? Curls? What is your favourite and what do you wear the most? How do you do it?

Show it here!

I start!
I like layered, straight layers and V layers. I enjoyed lots of layers but my hair grew so much long and gone so poor quantity at the bottom.
The "V" shape looks fresh, sexy. I like fringe/bangs every lenght is lovely and easy to maintain. Now I'm going to all straight blunt.

I'll extend here a bit on the layers topic. On my experience this is what I see:
Yes to Layers: THE PROS: dynamic look, fresh, younger. THE CONTS: Thin/poor hair at the bottom layers. Braids and buns are a mess.
No to layers: THE PROS: looks like you have more hair. THE CONTS: a bit aged/old because of the classic style.
I just can't decide. I've had lots of layers for 8 years, and now I'm growing my layers to enjoy blunt hair this 2014 and see the if feeling likes me.
What do you think about layers in 1a hair?

Here two pics, one with lots of layers, the other with bottom and few ones:


B- HAIRSTYLE. I :heartbeat my hair natural straight, so I do nothing to it (looks beautiful and I spend 0 time working on my hair), I even didn't comb/brush! I wear it down almost always. In some special event I make waves or curls with a head band or socks (no heat), but they die in a few hours.
Here my fave hairstyles I did:

Come on join the a1 hair experience!

November 15th, 2013, 02:02 PM
I don't have 1a hair, but my sister does. It's a nice type of hair to use a blunt hemline or maybe a soft U if it's thin. Personally I would not use layers or hemlines like a deep V if the thickness of the hair is below ii/iii. Its a perfect hair for bangs/fringe if them suits with the shape of the face, but since it's a very oily hair, they will require a lot of effort.

November 15th, 2013, 02:56 PM
Good thread!

However, I don't think that straight hair needs more or less care than curly hair. To me they are about the same, but with different techniques.

I personally don't like layers because, it makes it difficult for me to do braids or hairstyles I want to do and it makes my hair choppy in a bad way. I perfer to have my hair in a u shape because it looks the best on me :) and with straight hair, it looks like a silky waterfall.

Some tips I learned, is that a combo of ACV, mineral oil and a soft bbb are your best friends. Your other friend is the method you wash with CWC,CO, and so on.

You can take a peek at my profile if you want an idea of a routine.

November 15th, 2013, 03:33 PM
So nice to read your opinions!
almendra, honeyflower I agree with you.

honeyflower: when do you use your bbb and how often? My bbb experiences were terrific, my hair flat and oily mess, so I gave up. Sometimes I use bbb the night before washing to distribute the oils and let the hair absorb them at night, and then the first thing I do in the morning is to wash it.

how can I see the profile? It says I can't view it :S

November 15th, 2013, 05:16 PM
I'm a 1a too, and I think 1a-1b are the only hair types that look good with a blunt cut (or slight u-cut without layers). I don't know, it just look so sleek and perfect, while layers look messy. I'm growing out mine, but they aren't as harsh as yours. I think very layered/v-cut look the best on curly (3) hair. I think (no offense!) that your hair, when it's styled wavy with the layers, looks messy and a bit dirty. Also, 1a hair tend to look thin (even when it really isn't!) and layers makes it look even thinner.

November 15th, 2013, 06:21 PM
I'm 1a, very fine, pretty thin... As far as a haircut, I prefer a blunt straight hemline on me personally and I try and achieve that. However my hair is fragile and subject to damage, and to top it off, I live on a farm so I am out doing chores in all kinds of weather every single day of the year. Therefore I've got sections that got caught up in something and broken off, or got damaged by my sunglasses or something. I don't care, I just keep growing it. I always have little ends sticking out everywhere, I can not get a "sleek" look to save my life - but that's the way it's always been. I just deal. :)

I have bangs in front, as I think it makes me look like I have more hair, and not like it's been painted on my head... :D

I wear my hair up all the time. Usually I bun it in some way. For me, even wearing a braid can be damaging... if it should dangle in front of the goats they have been known to grab it! So I don't let it hang down when I'm out working. I only have it down when my chores are done and I'm in the house for the night.

Curls: for me, that is just a sad joke. Even when I leave my hair in a braid while it's wet, and let it totally dry in the braid, and then undo it... you can watch it straighten. In my avatar pic, I had washed my hair in the morning but had to coil it up in a bun to go outside and help the neighbors. I took it out of the bun, DH took the pic, and the next thing you know it was stick straight. SIGH. And I just love curls, too... Oh well.

As far as oiliness, that has changed for me once I started using no cones and no sulfates. I think my head was desperately producing oil because I had been using sulfate shampoos and stripping away every last bit of natural oil. Once I stopped doing that, my bangs can now go several days without looking oily. That was impossible before. Also, I live in a very dry climate, that might have some effect too. When I go to the East coast my hair does get oily looking... but only on top, oddly. The length stays really nice. And I do believe that if I stayed in a moister climate, my hair would eventually adjust, but for now it's used to very very dry air.

November 15th, 2013, 08:28 PM
I think the reason why you can't see my profile yet is because you don't have enough posts. I think it's like 15? No problem, I can just post it here. Keep in mind that what works for me, might now work for you. Worth a try right?

Here's my routine just to get you started.

Silk or satin pillowcase with my hair hanging over the edge of the bed or in a low loose ponytail with silky scrunchies down the length.

Wednesday and Saturday: Wash Day.
Untangle hair with a (wooden,horn,bone, tangle teezer) seamless comb or use your fingers, just be very gentle!
After, split into two sections and bbb 25 strokes on both sides. Other people do more strokes but I'm working on it.
I occationally use Nutiva coconut oil for protecting it against the weather elements. Makes hair strong and is
made of protein. I use it when it's solid and rub my fingers in the jar until I have a light sheen of oil (like I
have my hands moisturized from lotion). Distribute in your hands and apply ears down.
Wait 30 minutes for the coconut oil to soak in.
I use the CWC method
My personal favorite shampoo and conditioner is Alba moisturize shampoo and White Rain: Ocean mist or
White Rain: extra body. Both don't have sulfates or cones but the shampoo has a tiny bit of protein. But it
smells hawaiian amazing and is the best I tried, that makes my hair silky soft. I find the shampoo at Walmart
and conditioner at dollar tree.
Before I condition for the last time. Every three or four washes, I use 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar to 2 cups of distilled water (or water
that's been boiling for 10 minutes) make sure it's lukewarm. Pour on my scalp and length, then condition and rinse.
Note: when you shampoo, make sure that your length is in over your shoulders and in front. This little tip prevents my length from going dry and split ends.
Hop out of the shower.
Since it's dry and winter is here, I like to use 2-3 drops of mineral oil as a moisturizer.
Let it air dry.

So basically you have strength(coconut oil), shine (vinegar rinse) and softness/moisturized(mineral oil)

Detangle with wooden comb
Split into 2 sections and brush 10-15 strokes
Style what you like. If I'm wearing a braid or updo, I take it down when I come home everyday.
If it's snowy, cold or windy. I have my hair in a braid and covered in my jacket.
If I feel that my hair is dry, again, I use coconut oil the same way as on wash day.

Long term
Every 4 months I have my hair trimmed no more than 1/2 inch.
During the month, I use scissors for hair and do s&d those split ends.
Once a month, I use a sulfate free clarifying shampoo like joico. If my hair is being weird I do a diagnosis.

Crunchy, brittle, dry means you have too much protein. You need moisture.
Wirey, fragile, ends seem rough and transparent means you need protein.
If your hair felt wonderful before and now feels aweful before you clarified means silicone build up or other buildup.
If it's lacking body and flyaway. You need moisture.

Protein=coconut oil
Moisture = mineral oil

If you think you think you have beautiful hair, it should look like shampoo commercial, silkey, clean yet not dry.

Welp, I let the cat out of the bag. Think that's about it!

I assume that you probably read what causes damage and things to avoid.

Oh! By the way, welcome to LHC!

November 15th, 2013, 09:14 PM
My hair is 1a and holds curls pretty well. If I curl using a 1" barrel curling iron it will look like my profile pic to the left for a couple hours, and then "fall out" into nice smooth waves and last about 2 days. If I use a smaller barrel it will last longer. It usually works best on clean hair for me, though. Oh, and I don't use any hairspray!

My hairstylist once told me that my hair holds curls better because I haven't bleached it, so it has good protein structure or something? So I guess that makes it able to hold a curl form better?

Edit: I should note that my hair is a weird 1a/b mix. Like, it has body and volume, but it's stick straight. So that's why you'll see 1b to the left in my profile box thingy. So, idk, I guess I"m not a true 1a? But I totally feel the struggle of having stick straight hair! At least we never have to use a straightening iron :) I haven't owned of those in 3 years!