View Full Version : Cricket Hair?!

October 30th, 2013, 04:57 PM
Yes I know the title is deceiving muhahaha. But anyways, I recently ordered a new product from the Cricket line. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with this but leave a comment if you are! Last year when I broke up with my hair brush I decided to go to the store and pick up a wide tooth comb. After breaking two of them with my mop..i mean hair I decided to go buy a quality one at Sally's Beauty Supply/ I found this cool green comb by Silk Therapy that said it was infused with olive oil to help smooth the cuticle and fight fly aways. It was around the same price as the other combs and was a cool green color so I figured why not? Even if it was a gimmick (Because honestly I know nothing about infusing plastic with oil) If that is even possible lol. So this became my most favorite comb like EVER lol Even if it didn't make a difference in my hair health, I never had static when I used this comb and it glided easily through my tangled snarly hair when I would get out of the shower. It was a sad day when I lost the comb ha, but I couldn't find another one after that at Sally's. I missed that dumb comb so much I ended up finding it on the internet last week and I actually stumbled upon a whole bunch of reviews for this line of combs called cricket combs. It was the same concept but these combs where infused with Argan oil as well as olive oil. Btw I got in in the mail today ( I found it on Ebay for oober cheap If anyone is interested.) Whether it is a complete joke or not I am going to use it and will report back on how it works. Even if it is a gimmick it is still a super nice comb. You can check out their products online @ www.cricketco.com (http://www.cricketco.com) :)