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September 27th, 2013, 12:19 PM
I realize I may be barking up the wrong tree here. But if anyone has any tips I'd be grateful. My boyfriend has decided to grow a long long beard. Which shouldn't take him long since his beard is 2 months old and is 3 inches. I want his beard long so I can braid it bead it and go crazy ! So my questions are can I put coconut oil on it, should I get him a BBB to brush it, should he treat it much differently than head hair? Any advice is welcome.

September 27th, 2013, 12:25 PM
You can oil it, but I'd try to keep coconut oil well away from his face. People vary a lot in their reactions to it, but a decent number find that it causes acne. BBB? I wouldn't use it on my DH's beard, which would be massively curly if he grew it out, as well as very coarse. It might be OK for some, but I'd think that the average beard would do better with gentle combing (maybe a Tangle Teezer?) and conditioner.

September 27th, 2013, 12:26 PM
Hehe my bf grows massive beard sooo fast too!! If only my hair would grow as fast as his...:o

He lets me take care of it for him. I'd wash it sometimes to get the dead skin build up out and even condition it a few times a week. If it felt dry I'd use the tiniest bit of coconut oil, or leave in conditioner. (Edit: very little of the two. He doesn't break out at all so this works for him. Also, I don't douse it in vco but just lightly put it on the "ends" I suppose)
We've had to go ldr for the last 3 months but last time I was there he discovered my tangle teezer and adores it. He tried to get me to give it to him! Soo, I'd get him a mini tangle teezer. The bbb doesn't really work for him. My brother has like a 6 inch long beard and he uses a bbb but hates it. It doesn't work for him but he still uses it. He had one that worked but he's left it at my house for the last 5 months. He's had to buy 4 different ones trying to find a good one, and the one he had that he liked the most only sort of did the job. Another edit...my brother also adored my tt. I think the tt is always a win for beards. Both of these guys have extremely coarse thick beards. Hth.

September 27th, 2013, 02:35 PM
DH has a beard (long goatee). He just fingercombs or uses a horn comb (not wide-toothed but not super fine-toothed either). I think he washes it with soap, but he might use shampoo. He has trouble with breakage once it is long enough to touch his chest and also finds that it grows very slowly - probably partly because it is curly and partly because it seems to be particularly prone to the problem of getting "racer hairs" that grow super-fast and need trimming back to maintain the shape.

My dad has a full-face beard that is 6-9 inches long all around from chin/jawline (and again very curly, so technically longer than that). He just uses a cheap plastic fine-toothed comb and it is thick enough that if he has any breakage then it is not noticeable. He definitely just uses regular (hand) bar soap to wash it.

September 27th, 2013, 05:15 PM
Thanks for the advise. I think I'll get a tangle teaser for him when I get one for me. As far as oil goes maybe we will wait till it's a bit longer. To make sure he doesn't break out.

September 27th, 2013, 07:05 PM
My stepdad has had a beard most of my life. He uses conditioner in the shower on his beard and then uses a comb. Nothing fancy and his beard has always looked very nice. There may not really be any need to treat the beard too special. Conditioner is a big "yes" however.

September 27th, 2013, 07:15 PM
I'm interested to know if his beard hair has the same porosity as his head hair! I'm also hoping you'll post pics once it's huge

September 27th, 2013, 10:05 PM
He can grow beards very fast and yes they look nice. But I'd like to improve texture and he's not just aiming for a few inches he's thinking of growing it a few feet. That's why I was looking into what we can do to help it grow. Like I say I'd like to braid and style it. I googled beard care and lots of men oil their beards and do all sorts of things. Reminds me of lhc

September 28th, 2013, 07:19 AM
Coconut oil is beneficial for porous hair, the beard is unlikely to be so at only two months old. Is the hair coarse? If so there is only a limited amount that can be done to change the texture, you can certainly condition to soften (a product rich in emollients), you might also conditioner only wash it or use a leave in conditioner.