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Dark Star
September 25th, 2013, 06:25 AM
I am thinking the my hair is suffering from a protein overload...But I have this rubbery feeling sometimes when it is wet--like gummy pasta or bubble gum. Every time I look this up, it says that is a sign of hair being over conditioned and severely damaged to processing.

I have had virgin, unprocessed hair for 20 years in which I have not even used a heat styling tool on it or again, processed or dyed it in any way.

I made the mistake of using and loving Aubrey Organics, "Blue Green Algae Hair Mask" a little too often for what was healthy hair (once a week or once every two weeks). I felt that my hair had become softer and that it stretched too much. I did this for a few months. I had done this for a full summer once and it was never an issue. My hair just got more and more lush then. Anyway, I noticed breakage starting a few weeks ago. I read something online that convinced me I needed protein (even though the mask is protein-rich, it is combined with moisturizing ingredients too. I felt I needed something stronger but wished not to try anything 'hard'. bought the "Blue Camomile Conditioner" which has milk protein in it. That is when my hair felt rubbery. So I got stupider and decided to use a sample of the, "GPB" I was given for free with an order. I never deep conditioned with either of those two last products. I just left them in for 2 minutes in the shower as rinse-outs One I used twice, the other once. This was over a couple of weeks. I had stopped using the, "BGA mask" before that.

My hair then turned to wirey-thin straw and did not feel like hair anymore. It started to break more and tangle and snarl like mad. Felt grotesquely dry and awful. I had (still have) most every sign of protein overload though things are better (maybe 60% to 65%).

So I got rid of ALL protein/panthenol/coconut oil-laden (though some of my products have minor derivatives like fatty alcohol and decyl glucoside) products over the past 3 weeks. I clarified to start, have been moisturizing as best I can via deep treatments, a leave-in, bagging and occasionally, wet-bunning, cutting way down on shampoos and making sure my showers are at a lower temperature.

Again, yes, there is an improvement--some days my hair feels sort of back to how it used to be but not quite. The white dots at the end of my hair though are upsetting as I now have a number of them. I am not sure if I am doing anything right or wrong. I recently did a trim before all this and it sucks to have to do another one if/when I get through this. Should I just shave my head already? I am new at this--never had a hair crisis before!

As for what products I am using and frequency I am using them and doing:

I initially clarified with a gentle clarifying shampoo and then did a deep treatment with Aubrey's, "White Camellia Conditioner". I then topped it off with a dilute cool apple cider vinegar rinse.

My shampoo is basic--just a few ingredients--natural and is handmade by a semi-local company. I typically dilute it half-half with water when I wash my hair--once a week, though sometimes it has been twice.

I made a leave-in with the, "White Camellia" and bottled water though I am not sure I have the ratio right. Need help there. I spray that in my hair on days I wet my hair which is every other day. One day a week, I baggy that and sometimes seal with shea butter when I do so. I leave it in overnight.

I use, "Paul Penders Herbal Lemon Conditioner" as a rinse-out on some days and have even used it to conditioner wash though I am not a big fan of conditioner washing, I have to say. Note that I have 2A hair and the porosity is probably all screwed up due to the protein saturation of my strands.

I use the "White Camellia Conditioner" as a deep treatment on its own once a week and I apply heat for the first 15 minutes. I then leave it in for anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. Then I rinse it out. I have to be careful not to use much otherwise it makes my roots oily and I hate living with that but like I said, I wish not to shampoo so much.

I do have, "Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner" by, "Aubrey". First I used it as a dilute leave-in for several hours, and then as a deep treatment for 20 minutes. My hair confuses me as to how it feels about it. It felt better--looked better and was more like itself in ways, was less tangled but yet felt crisper in areas. I have this one area of crispy, candy-wrapper hair that just won't go and that area was worse. Also, the nape of my neck--what a mess since this happened. Looks like spider webs but the, "HSR" took care of that the two times I used it. I do know that the second time I used it, I got way too much and did not manage to rinse it all out but I did not want to shampoo my hair because I had done that a day or two ago. So perhaps that had something to do with the crisper feeling since it is sans protein.

I have found that using less product is more effective. Initially I was slathering this stuff on and it only made my hair feel yucky and forced me to have to shampoo more than I want to right now.

It has been, like I said, three weeks. I just want my beautiful, strong hair back. Help!

Dark Star
September 25th, 2013, 06:35 AM
I further want apologize for those who remember me and my 'bitchiness' one day when I first posted. I am under heaps of stress, suffer from depression and this hair issue is not helping matters. You were all just trying to help. Sorry I was such a grump. I really am. I feel like crying, gosh, all the time. I am just so sorry.

I also want to note that I use a seamless comb and afro comb. Yes, I brush my hair and I use a natural boar bristle brush which I paid good money for. I use it gently and feel it is instrumental in getting my scalps oils through my tresses (which were waist-length up until I did a trim of three inches not long ago so that my hair comes to somewhere below my bust line). I ma trying to do as little to my hair as possible without doing too little. I never did much to my hair before this however. Wash/condition/comb/brush n'go type of chick here really.

I also want to say a little more here because my original post won't let me edit since I am new.

Gummy hair...I have always noticed protein foods become gummy when water is added to them. Gelatin, spirulina, protein shakes, soya. So why not hair that is over-saturated with protein? Just a thought. My hair only got that feeling while wet once I had used a milk protein conditioner. That feeling has actually improved since

September 25th, 2013, 06:44 AM
((hugs)) many of us here have suffered mental health issues, you are not alone.

Dark Star
September 25th, 2013, 06:48 AM
Thanks, "Firefox". (((Hugs))) in return. I just feel very badly about it--people here seem so sweet and helpful and like these super-genius hair gurus. I have had issues with depression since I was a teenager but over the past few years, with undiagnosed chronic pain plus living unhappily in a foreign country have, on top of heaps of other problems--well, just yeah...Things have got a lot worse and yes, I am in therapy and such. ;)

September 25th, 2013, 06:50 AM
Glad you are getting help. We are 'good guys' here, I am sure everyone will be happy to accept your apology.