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September 1st, 2008, 08:10 PM
I'm a bit erratic when it comes to my hair so bear with me here:

3 years ago. Henna'd VERY DARK! Medium length.


Then I tried to lighten it and the ends turned aqua so I had to chop most off:


And so begain...growing it out:
http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d100/ScrimHazard/growingitout.jpg http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d100/ScrimHazard/highlighted.jpg

Uh oh...then I dyed it again:

Then lightening close to my natural color and growing it out:

Which brings us to now. Forgive the strange lighting which makes my hair appear orange and black...I guess my camera is just psyched for halloween. It's actualy growing out!!!

http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d100/ScrimHazard/016.jpg http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d100/ScrimHazard/020.jpg

I swear the color is actually light brownish...see:
Still about 10 more inches to go until I reach my desired length. Another year or two if I play my cards right. It's been a wild ride.

September 1st, 2008, 09:21 PM
Very nice growth, too bad for the setback, but you'll reach your goal!

September 2nd, 2008, 05:14 AM
I can relate to the colour changes! Your hair is looking lovely though, such amazing growth :inlove:

And btw, you have a REALLY pretty face :)

September 2nd, 2008, 05:56 AM
your hair has come a long way and you are the double of a friend of mine, you could be her twin!

September 2nd, 2008, 07:13 AM
You have grown a lot in 3 years even with all of your haircuts. You will be at your goal before you know it, and it will be so healthy!

Btw, your hair looks great in every picture, you can wear any style or color! (Lucky)!:)

September 2nd, 2008, 08:56 AM
Your hair has grown alot, it's really starting to look long. Sounds like your on the right track now. Good Luck!

September 2nd, 2008, 10:07 AM
Looks great!!! Nice growth!!! :) You'll be at goal in no time!!!

Julie :)

September 2nd, 2008, 10:22 AM
your hair has come a long way and you are the double of a friend of mine, you could be her twin!


I'll take a picture in better light of the length now. The more I look at those last ones, I just cringe.

Rini: THANKS! I try. :) Makeup is a big help.