View Full Version : Question about S&D, one year growth, curly hair

July 10th, 2013, 07:46 AM
Hello All!

So, I've been around here for a few years now and have grown from a pixie to just below BSL when stretched, between APL and BSL when curly.

My question for you all is about how to maximize my growth for the next year and a half since I just recently got engaged and I would like my hair to look its best and be as long as it can be for my wedding :D

Current care includes CO wash, leave in conditioner, and more often than not, loose braid/bun while wet and keeping it that way until the next wash. (Every once in a while, maybe 2x a month, I will let it dry while out). I have also gone to get my hair cut at salons about 2x a year, each time asking for about a 1 inch trim and, probably, leaving with more than that gone. However, since I haven't been in a rush, I've just let them do it and then went on my merry way.

So, I guess my main question is about S&Ding curly hair since I've tried doing it in the past and it always gives me a headache and I don't feel like I can really find all of the splits that exist. How do you all do it? How long do you take to do it? How often? Every month? Every other month?

I was thinking that if I continued with the current regimen and then S&D instead of the usual trims and then wait for a professional trim until a month before the wedding, my hair will be the longest it can be. I just want to make sure that it will also look nice and healthy :)

Any advice is welcome! Thank you so much! <3