View Full Version : YAY! I'm finally back!

July 3rd, 2013, 01:41 PM
I haven't been able to get back in here in.... I don't know how long! So I will give a brief update.... I had Surgery for Breast Cancer Dec 7, 2010, Went through chemo and lost all my long hair (actually didn't lose it, I have it in a baggie in my desk drawer!), then went through Radiation and finished it June 21, 2011. I know have long hair again! Yippee!!!!!!! Now I just need to lose a bunch of weight... between all the chemo drugs, prednesone, the regular drugs, and bad diet that I slip into from time to time... I'm a little past the Ewe's fluffy scenerio!


July 3rd, 2013, 01:57 PM
Welcome back to LHC. Sounds like you've been through a lot, but you came out a winner! Congrats and best wishes for a long, happy, healthy life! Beautiful smile!

July 3rd, 2013, 02:35 PM
I'm glad you're back. I hope you're doing well.

July 3rd, 2013, 02:41 PM
Welcome ang god luck with your lifechanges

July 3rd, 2013, 02:53 PM
Welcome back! You look so happy :D

July 3rd, 2013, 02:54 PM
Welcome back! You're a champion.

July 3rd, 2013, 02:55 PM
Hey, welcome back! And congrats on beating cancer!

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

July 3rd, 2013, 03:00 PM
Great to hear from you again. Your hair looks like it has grown back no problem! I had a laugh at what you said about the baggie in the drawer. :lol: Might be good for making a paranda perhaps.

July 3rd, 2013, 03:38 PM
A paranda? What's that?

July 3rd, 2013, 03:41 PM
Good to meet you! Congrats for making through the bad stuff. You have healthy looking growth for having lost your hair to chemo.

July 3rd, 2013, 03:41 PM
Whoohoo! Best post I've seen on here. Your hair is already looking soft and flowing :-D

July 3rd, 2013, 04:35 PM
Congratulations and way to go on your recovery! Your hair's looking good, and welcome back.:o:flower:

July 4th, 2013, 01:42 AM
hehehehahaha rofl! Oh man, if I tried to keep my cut hair in a safe place I would definitely lose it

I can see it now:

M: Babe, where's my hair?
DH: on top of your head?
M: No, the pony tail I cut off that one time...
Dh: don't ask me, I didn't put it away!
M: I swore I put it in this drawer.
DH: ...
M: what?
DH: And as you put it away did you say you were putting it in a 'safe place'?
M: ... yes?
DH: That's a bad incantation! BAD! You *always* lose stuff when you do that!
M: -blink- Oh yeah, huh!

I love your sense of humor. Welcome back and congratulations on the remission. ^-^

July 4th, 2013, 04:01 AM
Congradulations and your hair looks like its grown back a lot! Maybe the cut hair could be used for rats or something if you wanted to do fancy Edwardian type styles?

July 4th, 2013, 04:04 AM
You and your hair are beautiful. Welcome back. :)