View Full Version : Find out if the drugs you're taking are affecting your hair

April 26th, 2013, 11:36 AM
I found this really cool data base of information on the effects of prescription drugs. There was a section on hair, so I felt it was my duty to share it with fellow hair enthusiasts. Maybe bookmark worthy in case you ever need to take a drug in the future, too.

"The Hair Zone was created to allow you to research the effects of drugs on hair, a well as learn from you how the drugs you are taking are affecting your hair.

Nobody understands how drugs impact hair like you and your hairstylist. We know that drugs can significantly alter hair in various ways, but there is a huge gap in the data - it does not tell us enough about the specific changes individuals want to know about. The effects of drugs on hair can be devastating, but there has been no way for people to share experiences and knowledge.
The Hair Zone allows you to do two things:

Search for hair-related prescription drug side effects in the more than four million adverse drug event reports filed with the FDA since 2004, as well as our expanding RxISK database.
Report your prescription drug side effects on RxISK.org and with your country’s drug regulator or the FDA if we don't yet have your country's form."


April 26th, 2013, 04:25 PM
Thank you.. now i know why i shed like a crazy cat. I just finished a 6 month treatment of accutane, and haiross was a BIG affect on a lot of people. I never shedded much during the 6 months, but 1,5 month after stopping taking the pills, i loose so much hair that it freaks me out shudder: