View Full Version : Redying hair/ dying over henna

April 22nd, 2013, 01:44 AM
Hi so i kinda have two questions. Heres some background on my hair. Sobasicly i have dark brown almost black hair that has been henned several times. Last october i dyed my hair permantly using loreal feria in midnight moon (a cool soft black) the color tuned out perfect a nice cool almost blue black but with the first wash which was about 4 days after i dyed my hair color rinsed out and in about a month it was all totally gone. Was this because i had used baq henna previously or was this just a crappy dye?

My second question is can when can i safely redye my hair black using a permant box dye? Because im multi racial i have super curly hair (3c) my hair types also more prone too damage so im worried about that i have done indigo 3 times but its just not taking to my hair permantly and its expensive. Im really looking to permantly dye my hair a blue black and am thinking maybe this october (a full year) will be okay?

Thanks for listening to my rambling lol(;
ps. If u can recommend anygood blue black hair dyes that would be veryy nice.

April 22nd, 2013, 11:01 AM
I hennaed my hair last month and i hated it. I dyed my hair two weeks ago with l'oreal superior preference in a dark brown colour and I love it. It covered the henna and it hasnt faded yet. Its only been two weeks but it hasn't faded at all. I'm leaving my hair alone now to let my natural colour grown out but the colour i choose matches my natural colour pretty good so I hope i dont have that much of a grow out line.

Good luck