View Full Version : Hair and pH- monistat? Baking soda? ACV?

March 27th, 2013, 06:28 PM
Hey everyone! Thank you so much to those who helped me out in my previous post, I really appreciate it. You made me feel so much better about the situation.

I have been reading the Monistat forum because I think I might give it a try to help my hair grow out faster. However, I then stumbled across the "Monistat Damage" thread and read all about the issues with pH. Through some more research I read about the pH issues with using baking soda & ACV as well. When I absolutely must heat style my hair, I use conventional products that contain silicones (even though my curly hair hates it) in order to protect it, and at my next wash I used baking soda & ACV to clarify. This is at most once every 3 weeks. Awhile back I think I was using it too often and it made my hair a little dry, but normally my hair feel super soft and is super shiny and feels healthy. I'm wondering if I'm actually damaging it!? I'm concerned, considering the rest of my length has been destroyed by bleach, the last thing I want to do is damage my new growth.

With all that being said, if I were to apply the Monistat after a wash and leave it until the next wash (~7 days), will be it damaging/drying to the new growth? Would you recommend maybe just leaving on for a day before a wash? I haven't decided for sure if I'm going to try it yet as I'm scared to death of shedding, but we'll see!

March 27th, 2013, 07:29 PM
Clarifying with BS and then doing an ACV rinse every 3 weeks or so shouldn't damage it, so long as you are diluting both steps well with water. Baking soda is quite alkaline, which is why you need to do an ACV rinse afterwards to correct the pH. So long as you do that, it should be fine--it's a great way to clarify.

I don't know anything about Monistat though, sorry!

March 27th, 2013, 10:06 PM
Ive been using monistat for a year and half almost never had any damage.