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August 26th, 2008, 07:18 PM
Hi ..I've been reading as many post as I can the last few days since I joined the group and I've read how important it is to clarify and condition afterwards.. well I was wondering what you all use to clarify and condition and if there is a natural clarifer that has no chemicals or anything bad in it?
I have ordered some of the CV shampoo bars and plan to use ACV to rinse with.
I have learned so much here in the past two days on how to take care of my hair.. you all are amazing and you all have beautiful hair!!
Thank you!

August 26th, 2008, 07:53 PM
I think most people around here clarify with a plain old clarifying shampoo, full of SLS and other chemicals. It works best for most people who aren't sensitive or opposed to its use.

The other common option for clarifying is to wash with a baking soda paste. Rinse it out, then dump loads of moisture into it. (If you won't use conditioner, you might come up with a good concoction involving water, honey or molasses, and oil, like the "Caramel treatment" in recipes.) Baking soda is quite harsh, and it's alkali (which causes the scales on most people's hair to stand up and feel awful -- they lie down with a little acid, like dilute vinegar). Not everyone's hair gets along with it, and some who've tried it (like Spidermom) swear they'll never put it in their hair again.

Clarifying isn't something you should do too regularly, though, and don't do it on a schedule. If your hair is demanding to be clarified to remove buildup more than every 3-4 weeks, you probably should consider altering your routine.