View Full Version : Scalp get's "hot" after 4-5 days not washing

February 27th, 2013, 10:11 AM
Does anyone else have this problem? Sometimes my scalp gets super hot and bothered if I dont wash for a while. It's hard to give and exact amount of days this occurs after shampooing, I think it depends on my hormones. Then I wash and we're all good. I think this could be some sort of skin condition. I sometimes wash with pharmacy shampoo called Selukos which has selen-sulfides in it, that helps a bit but the stuff smells horrendous and so do my sheets, pillows and clothes for days afterwards.

The feeling is, as if my scalp is oily, and it burns, sounds familiar anyone ? What's your routine? Does it affect your growing or goal lenght?

February 27th, 2013, 12:59 PM
I get this too. For me (since puberty and greasy hair) it has always felt like my scalp was suffocating me, or claustrophobic, if I didn't wash it. I wash my scalp every day. I'm ok with that. :)

I just lumped myself in with the 'greasy-scalped' lot and stopped trying to figure it out. Stretching washes never worked for me.

Is that what you mean, or are you talking about some kind of skin reaction to your shampoo (which'd be a completely different matter, of course).

February 27th, 2013, 01:47 PM
I get the hot, itchy scalp too. I use miconazole nitrate (MN) to treat it. That stops the itching and burning. Because of this, I think the problem is a yeast infection in the scalp. I change my pillowcase when it happens, because I think it might be living there. I get a few weeks of happy scalp, then it comes back.

The MN treatment works great, but you have to be careful because it causes shedding if you overdo it.

February 27th, 2013, 01:54 PM
I get it too occasionally, but have never seen it as too big of a problem since it goes away after washing.

February 27th, 2013, 02:33 PM
I don't get a "hot" scalp, but if I don't wash for a few days and I leave my hair in a hairstyle (bun or pony) all day, when I take it down my scalp HURTS. Moving the hair is painful. I don't know the real reason, but it must have something to do with a buildup of oils. After I wash it it's great!

February 27th, 2013, 05:42 PM
^I think it may be because your hair was resting in one position for so long, that once you move your hair, it does hurt because it is changing position. I only mention this because when reading about brushing with a Boar Bristle Brush, the author warned that your scalp may become sore due to brushing it in different positions. This happen to me, if I settle in a hairstyle for too long, although I typically go for very loose hairstyles.

It may be because of dead skin and oils building up on your scalp, causing heat retention. I'm WO, and most nights I brush my hair, "scritch" (scratch at the scalp) and massage. I'll go quite a few days without washing, and my scalp never starts over heating. I have to be careful scritching, or else I may actually scratch myself and then it would hurt, lol.

But like Leoslaire said, it may be a medical condition.

February 28th, 2013, 01:07 AM
Mine doesn't get hot, but it gets super-itchy after 2 days. For me it might be sebhorreah. My mom has it, and as far as skin issues go, I definitely take after her.

March 1st, 2013, 06:52 PM
Try different brands of products, you may be sensitive to an ingredient. Particularly check the preservatives used in your products. You may have a reaction to one but be fine with another. I used to get a very itchy scalp when I used a conditioner with Phenoxyethanol, but after I switched to a conditioner with Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone it doesn't bother me.

March 2nd, 2013, 12:43 AM
Good to hear I'm not alone in this! And also great that no one has reported of increased shedding because of this issue. I just googled this stuff and came up with a bunch of websites with information about huge sheds and alopecia which has started with.. hot and ichy scalp :run:

This is something I can definitely live with but I have decided to look deeper into it. I also realized I have in the back of my head this spot that iches most often. It's almost on my neck. As there always is a possibility this might lead to something more serious when I have the time I will try to figure out what is it that causes this. Like MsBubbles said, my scalp also feels like as if the seborrea it products suddenly turn into acid and tries to suffocate me. I get the urge to put my head into an icy lake! Not common but has occurred.

If I come up with something, atleast something serious worth reporting I'll get back to you!

I dont think this is allergy, as I have changed products many times over the years. How ever I will look deeper into Methylchloroisothiazolinone, thanks for bringing it up earthnut, never heard of it before!