View Full Version : about measurement the circifemance of ponytail

December 23rd, 2012, 01:29 AM
should I measure when hair is wet or dry?
Please let me know :)

December 23rd, 2012, 01:32 AM
I measure when my hair is dry as that's when it is in natural state (how I wear it). As long as you're consistent in how you measure, it really doesn't matter. Measuring dry gives you the thickness you're having to work with when you're styling your hair.

December 23rd, 2012, 01:44 AM
hi! Biogirl. thank you so much for your reply ;-)
I just wonder because if I am blong to I or II.

December 23rd, 2012, 08:12 AM
The point of the thickness measure is to help you judge what hair styles you can wear at what length. My ponytail measures 2.5-3", so I'm a solid ii. And yes, all that variation is in dry thickness. Ponytail measure is just not going to be super consistent even on those of us with fairly straight hair.

Since I'm a solid ii, I can wear a cinnamon bun around APL. My braids start getting solid at shoulder length. At BSL I start getting access to a pretty wide variety of styles, like crown braids, Heidi braids, and around a dozen new buns. Someone who is a solid i will start getting most of those styles available something like 6" sooner than I do. Someone who is a solid iii might take another 6-12" of hair over me... and I have a really long torso, so my BSL is 27"!

December 23rd, 2012, 08:20 AM
Dry and pony tail your hair it makes it easier.

December 23rd, 2012, 11:28 AM
I measure my hair when it's dry. When it's wet, my wurly hair is 'unnaturally' stretched out and I feel like it gives a false sense of my progress.

December 23rd, 2012, 02:03 PM
Hair swells when wet so you're more than likely to get a bigger circ with wet hair. I say measure dry

December 23rd, 2012, 09:27 PM
thank you very much for reply.
I wondered because even thought I have close to 5' ( damp)
but still looks so thin than 3' people's picture. maybe my hem is not even.
now it's 4" with dry so I guess I am II.
but I am happy ! because it's gained lot from hair loss ( one time it was 3.5')