View Full Version : how to beat winter dandruff

November 26th, 2012, 05:52 PM
ok so by the beginning of this winter my scalp started to itch like hell, a lot of dandruff that however i used dandruff shampoos it wont work! so i made some online searches tried a lot of things and there are some advices worked for them made me control it with almost 98% so i thought of sharing them i hope that will help:
1- i made my own dandruff shampoo: a shampoo with little ingredients "i choosed j&j baby shampoo", crash by a spoon's back 2 aspirin tables "YES!" for salyclic acid and mix a good amount prior to shower only and leave it on your scalp for 5 minutes or so then wash it well.
2- do NOT put the conditioner over the chin point only below it and you can do that to your length while you are leaving the shampoo on your scalp.
3- vinegar rinse 50/50 dilution.
4- do NOT oil your scalp or hair above the chin point "even i used to do that with tea tree/peppermint/rosemary oil" as a new research found that dandruff's bacteria are feeding on fats in the oils even they keep it in the lab in olive oil for it's fatty acids..
5- if your scalp is dry you put "some" aloe vera gel.
6- wash it every other day or if its more severe daily.
7- you can still safely oil your length as long as it wont touch your scalp in an updo or so "braids and low buns helped"
i hope my experience will help :rolleyes: always be happy:toast:

November 28th, 2012, 02:11 AM
I never condition or oil my scalp, and it's still unhappy. I may have to wash every day this week, as I have to cover my hair this work week in particular, and that makes me itch more. I think keeping the heat in incubates the bacteria. When I don't have to cover my hair as much, it's less itchy.