View Full Version : Odd but good SLS experience

August 22nd, 2008, 09:42 PM
So a month ago I went SLS free with shampoo. I bought Avalon Organics Lavendar and it works well. I have also been coning again, most recently with the famed Dove in the dark blue bottle. This week I noticed my hair getting a bit gunky, waxy. So I thought to clarify. I busted out my old Prann Lavendar shampoo (which I had hoarded because the store is discontinuing carrying Prann) and washed my scalp and length. It has SLS, but no cones. I rinsed, and strangely, amazingly, was basically detangled and could get my wide tooth comb thru my hair before I conditioned! My hair NEVER does that. That is why I cone! Does anyone know why this happened? It is good, Im not complaining, but it was completely unexpected! Has anyone had a similar surprise happy detangling incident?