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October 23rd, 2012, 08:19 PM
So male pattern baldness has begun taking my hairline, I have about 17" of hair, and I want to grow it to waist length, it is just a simple goal of mine. I do not want to use rogaine or any other medicines, as some of the side effects are not worth it in my opinion. Also I do not want my life to revolve around keeping hair on my head (I will eventually donate all of it and keep it shaved at that point). Would I be able to get my hair to waist length before I have a nice helicopter pad on my scalp? I think my hair is at norwood 2 (or whatever it is called), if that helps at all. And if there are any fun remedies for hair loss that I have overlooked or that someone knows, I would be welcome to suggestions, despite my realistic outlook on what will happen to my hair in the next few years. Danke!

October 23rd, 2012, 09:57 PM
I don't know exactly because I don't really have that problem. Not to say my hair isn't a bit thin, but then it always was, and I'm 54 now, so I figure I just have to put up with it.

AFAIK the only real problem with Rogaine (?) is that you have to keep using it or the hair loss comes back :( OTOH, other remedies can have unfortunate effects on some men as they can affect your hormones, so Rogaine sounds like it would be safer. Doesn't sound to me like it would be worth risking ED for the sake of your hair! AFAIK there is no risk of that with Rogaine as it works by a completely different mechanism. I understand it is expensive, but I think there is a generic version, although just now I can't remember what it's called (?).

If you lose the hair on top of your head you can still grow the sides and back pretty long. I know some people don't like that look, but I expect I would probably do that if I lost mine. An old friend of mine cut off his long hair when he went bald on top, and it instantly made him look about 20 years older! Seriously.

ETA: I only just noticed the 'danke' on the end. Vielen Glueck mit die Haar, or something. Ich bin Englischer, aber Ich wohne in Amerika. Ich hatte Deutsch fuer drei Jahren in der Schule studiert, wann Ich war Junge.

October 23rd, 2012, 11:11 PM
There is one promising treatment coming in the next 1-2 years called Histogen. Guys on hair loss forums keep talking about it all the time. As far as I know there is nothing better than rogaine and propecia (for guys) at the moment but I totally understand why you don't want to use this stuff.

I spent ages reading forums about thinning hair and according to forums users there is no natural treatment which is proven to work.

I am female in my 30tees and suffer with hair thinning. It is a difficult thing to accept.

I'm about to buy regrowth serum from Nanogen as it seem safe and has few good reviews.

All the best.

October 25th, 2012, 12:18 AM
my fiancee is balding (male pattern)- the top of his head is just about gone now at the age of 21!! He shaves it now- once a week as a rule because it just looks odd...

I do massage with natural and/or organic oils on his scalp to get the blood flow apparently that is the only thing that can help- info from a trichologist who used to work for a hair regrowth company here in AUS who left the job because he couldn't scam people anymore!!

I really don't hold out much hope that anything will change regarding his balding.. massage or rogaine or whatever- I think we're still at the stage in science and research for balding where nothing is really going to change it right now vastly, if at all... apparently what happens is that the hair does not fall out it just becomes so small that it's microscopic... pretty interesting..

I hope you come to terms with your hairloss and get the growth you desire- and if you do shave I hope that looks fantastic on you.